Vera rants about being copied after hosting unique gender reveal party

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On Sat, 18 Mar, 2023 10:59 | 2 mins read
Vera Sidika during her gender reveal party. PHOTO/(@VeraSidika)Instagram

Socialite-cum-businesswoman Vera Sidika has taken to social media to rant about how her 'unique' gender reveal party was copied.

Vera and her husband singer Brown Mauzo shared photos and videos of their gender reveal party on March 9, 2023. Three days later, socialite Amber Ray hosted a gender reveal party almost similar to that of Sidika.

Both parties used helicopters to make a grand entrance into the respective venues set in a similar manner.

Without mentioning names, Vera says her entire craft was copied.

In a series of posts shared via her official Instagram account, Sidika claimed that there was no way someone would re-create the exact party as hers and claimed it was a coincidence.

"Invitation cards, lake view, exact chopper, splashing money. They even wanted to do the limo and reveal with a chopper. Okay, there's a coincidence then there's this,

"Yes there's nobody with an original idea today. Everything you do has been done before by someone somewhere. But doing 90 per cent of the things the exact same way at a party. C'mon now y'all know thats no coincidence. If it was 1 thing or 2 ok. Alafu doing it with intentions of wanting to post before hers goes public so it looks lik she copied you. Thats messy," she wrote.

Vera Sidika's post. PHOTO/(@VeraSidika)nstagram

Continuing her spiel, she revealed that her gender reveal party had actually happened in December but she saved the moments for the episode to air on the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show.

While stating that some celebrities sort of knew about the plan to wait, Vera claimed that her copycat had planned to host her gender reveal a week before hers aired on tv to make it seem like she (Vera) copied her.

"Someone wanting to do everything from my gender reveal party and wants to do it right before mine shows on tv. So when it airs a week later, it looks like I copied her. Cheeei wickedness in this world is too much. and same person said they hate me so much. That I am fake na roho chafu yet they don't even know me personally," she wrote.

Vera Sidika's post. PHOTO/(@VeraSidika)nstagram

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