Ulifurahisha shetani na mapepo Carnivore – Ringtone tells Nyashinski

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 19 Apr, 2022 12:09 | < 1 min read
Singer Nyashinski. PHOTO/(@realshinski)/Instagram
Singer Nyashinski. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Nyashinski, a solo artiste, held his event dubbed Shin city over the weekend, and boy, the turnout was crazy.

The event seemingly overshadowed the rest of the events taking place over the Easter holiday like This Is Africa, Churchill Show Kakamega, and Amapiano tour Kisumu.

Now and then, celebrities hold concerts but then they trend for the wrong reasons. For example, fans might complain about how the performance was short and the entire event was not worth their time and money.

That’s not the case for Shin City. It seems like everything went on perfectly.

Different celebrities like Jackie Vike and Nameless came out to applaud Nyashinski for the successful event. Others like Ringtone on the other hand felt like Nyashinski could be better off if he sang for kids and not ‘drunkards’ at Carnivore. Taking it online, he wrote:

"Dear Nyashinki it's better you sing for kids instead of revellers at Carnivore. Ulifurahisha shetani na mapepo,(you entertained the devil and evil spirits) shame on you Nyashinski," he alluded.

The comment attracted mixed reactions with most calling him out for his mean words.

Nyashinski was a member of Kleptomiac, a Kenyan boy band that reigned back in 2000.

The group consisted of three members: Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale), and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu).

Nyashinski went to the US and came back to the music scene more than a decade after and clearly, he is now ruling the industry.