Uganda airlines set to introduce grasshoppers on their menu after viral video

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 28 Nov, 2021 15:57 | < 1 min read
A photo of cooked grasshoppers. PHOTO/COURTESY

Uganda Airlines on Saturday, November 27 said that it was contemplating adding grasshoppers on its menu.

This is after a man was captured in an amateur video that has since gone viral selling the insects famously known as Nsenene inside the national carrier flight.

The plane was heading to Dubai from Entebbe on Friday, November 26 where passengers were seen hanging around the hawker without observing Covid-19 protocols.

The Airline’s management condemned the incident stating that it was embarrassing and also caused disruptions at the airport.

“We do not condone the acts of the passenger selling Nsenene and low standards of serving it to people who were buying it. We will not take this conduct on board lightly because it undermines the spirit of the national carrier,” the Airline said in a statement.

The company said that it would soon introduce the insects as part of its menu since it is liked by many and has been scarce in the recent past.

“We are considering adding nsenene, a Uganda delicacy to our menu for regional and international flights on request. This addition of nsenene to our menu will bring the Ugandan culture to the world,” the statement further read.

The airline further said that it was in talks with passengers and warned that incase such an incident takes place again it will offload the passengers immediately.

“No one should be exposed to an unruly market experience on our flight. The unacceptable disruptive behavior prevents the performance of critical duties to the flight crew,” the statement further read.