‘Tuzidi kuomba’ – Wema Sepetu reacts to manipulated ‘pregnancy’ photos

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On Thu, 13 Jul, 2023 18:42 | 2 mins read
Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu. PHOTO/Wema Sepetu(@wemasepetu)Instagram
Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu. PHOTO/Wema Sepetu(@wemasepetu)Instagram

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has responded to photos of her manipulated by a fan on TikTok to create the impression that she is expecting a baby.

She shared the TikTok video on her Instagram page and expressed her appreciation for the fan's attempt to comfort her.

In response to inquiries about whether she was expecting a child, Wema clarified that she is not pregnant yet and requested her fans to continue praying for her.

"Alietengeneza hii kajua kuniliza …. Ila hata mawazo huumba ryt…??? Its the thought that counts… Jamani naulizwa sana na watu kama ni mjamzito… Jibu ni Hapana wapenzi… Ila tuzidi kuomba… Inshallah…🤲🏼 Ya ' Allah Ya ' Allah Ya ' Allah Mekuita Mara Tatu… 🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼," she wrote.

Loosely translated, "Whoever made this knows how to comfort me, it's the thought that counts, right? I've been asked if I'm pregnant, and the answer is no love, however, we keep praying!"

Sepetu admits doing abortions

In an interview on Wema App, Sepetu revealed that she had undergone two abortions while dating the late Steven Kanumba.

She explained that she did those procedures on the grounds that she was still young and she wasn't ready to be a mother.

She mentioned that Kanumba had warned her before his death, adding that he cursed her and his words still haunted her.

“Wewe mwanamke nakudai, nakudai watoto wangu wewe, hutoweza kuja kupata mtoto na mwanaume mwingine yeyote yule,” she quoted Kanumba as saying.

Sepetu Desperate for a child

In an interview with Clouds FM, the former Miss Tanzania opened up about her desperate desire to have a child, which led her to take medication that had a negative impact on her health.

She revealed that the medication she took to increase her chances of conceiving caused her to gain weight rapidly.

The actress disclosed that despite having everything else in her life, she felt incomplete without a child of her own.

"People know how I have struggled to get a baby; my happiness will be complete when I get a baby. I added weight in my struggle to get a baby, I used to take a lot of medicine that had side effects on my hormones. The side effects were adding weight," she explained.

While responding to claims that she had undergone a tummy tuck, Wema clarified that she had travelled to India to seek treatment for her fertility issues.

She shared that she was advised to lose weight in order to increase her chances of conceiving, as she had excess fat around her uterus that was hindering the process.

"I’ve never had a tummy tuck like most people are saying. The reason I went to India was so I could consult and get treatment for my fertility. On coming back, I was advised to cut weight to increase my chances of conceiving since I have a lot of fat around my uterus that was making the process difficult," she clarified.

Wema Sepetu has previously attributed her weight loss to adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

"I took pills and I underwent treatment for six months. It’s about food and lifestyle. I had counselling and therapy," she shared.

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