‘Treat her like a queen’- Ringtone warns Rev Natasha’s newly engaged lover

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 28 Nov, 2021 17:21 | 2 mins read
Rev Lucy Natasha with her Indian lover Prophet Carmen. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyan singer and self proclaimed chairman of gospel music Ringtone Apoko has shared his concerns after sensational preacher Rev Lucy Natasha announced her engagement to her longtime Indian lover.

Taking to Instagram, Apoko in a warning letter claims contrary to what many might assume, Reverend Natasha did not choose the Indian lover introduced as Carmel out of desperation.

He says she is loved by Kenyans so much who has since been heartbroken following her engagement.

"I'm writing this message to warn you that Rev Natasha is loved by Kenya so much. She did not choose you out of desperation. Today, many men in Kenya are heartbroken because she chose you over many rich and very handsome men like me," he wrote.

The lengthy letter further stipulated how Carmen is expected by Kenyan men to treat Natasha after picking him over them.

Ringtone asked Carmel to treat the city preacher like a queen claiming that should he make her cry or break her heart, he will face dire consequences.

He is expected to throw a party and a grand wedding for Natasha ahead of Ringtone's visit to India where he claims he will visit to ascertain Carmen is rich or rather can manage to take care of Natasha who is of very high standards.

"Finally, throw us the biggest wedding ever. If you are broke, get a loan since we will be watching. Rev Natasha has standards so kindly upgrade to her class otherwise we will deal with you if you play with Kenya's finest. We will plan a day to visit India to see if you have a good house for her. Treat her like a queen. She is very valuable and belongs to a family that really loves her," Ringtone added.

The renown televangelist Lucy Natasha announced that she accepted the marriage proposal from her long term lover, Prophet Carmel in a Saturday night post on social media.