They kidnapped and tortured my brother after failing to find me – Edgar Obare says after his wash-wash exposé

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 5 Sep, 2021 13:37 | 2 mins read
Blogger Edgar Obare. PHOTO/COURTESY

Just a week after his Instagram account was mysteriously deactivated, blogger Edgar Obare has resurfaced alleging that some unnamed persons are after his life.

The blogger had run a blow by blow exposé on the 'wash wash' racket, a group of rich men and women believed to be making money through fraudulent deals and money laundering.

Speaking in a video posted on his blog's Instagram page, the audacious influencer claimed that the said persons kidnapped and tortured his brother in a bid to have him divulge information about Edgar's whereabouts.

"Saturday night I was informed that they kidnapped my brother. They kidnapped him, tortured him and were more or less trying to get information about my whereabouts. I am so sad that he had to go through that and that some people in this country would go so low that they are now going after my family," he says.

Edgar, who himself was kidnapped in November 2020, blamed the authorities for turning a blind eye on the kidnappings, opining that just like in his case, the perpetrators will get away with their actions on his brother.

He narrates a first incident where his brother was illegally detained at the airport by unknown men. Edgar says he had sent his brother to the airport to pick a parcel for him from the customs office. His brother was allegedly turned away at the first instance and told to come back on a different day after settling some requisite bill.

After clearing the bill as instructed, Obare's brother returned to the airport only to be met by some men who introduced themselves as DCI agents. Edgar further narrates that the alleged detectives confiscated his brother's phone and detained him in a room within the airport.

"When my brother went back to the customs office to pick the package, he finds DCI agents waiting for him. He was then taken to a room and asked to surrender his phone. He was locked in a room for 3 to 4 hours. They kept asking him where I was," he adds.

The alleged agents of DCI, according to Edgar's narration, got involved in an altercation with the airport's custom officials after they attempted to seize the package that he had sent his brother to pick for him.

The blogger narrates that he was angered and contemplated going public about the issue on the same day it occurred but his brother, who now feared for his life and safety, asked him to hold on.

Edgar claims that his silence on the first detention seemingly motivated the perpetrators to kidnap and torture his brother on Saturday, September 4. He has called on the government to dig deep and ensure that the criminals do not get away with their acts this time.

The blogger, however unsure that action will be taken, confirmed that they will record a statement with the police concerning the ordeal.