Thee Pluto responds to trolls after acquiring new c*r

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On Sun, 10 Jul, 2022 12:49 | 3 mins read
Thee Pluto responds to trolls
Content creators and brand influencer Thee Pluto PHOTO/@thee_pluto/Instagram

Content creator and brand influencer Robert Ndegwa, alias Thee Pluto has responded to haters criticising him for acquiring a new car.

In an interview with Nicolas Kioko, the YouTuber noted that after buying the new vehicle, a Mazda CX-5, haters have been on his case over the move.

Thee Pluto insinuated that his decision to acquire the asset did not sit well with some of his fans who thought he should have considered investing in something else.

Amidst the hate and drama, the content creator has advised then to take it as a challenge and put the right foot forward.

“Vile niliongeza hii CX-5, kuna watu pale kwa comment section walikua wanasema ‘ooh jenga nyumba kwanza’; nani amekuambia sijajenga?

“Some times, these people are hating too much and they live under their mother’s roof. Take something as a challenge and God will bless you,” Thee Pluto said.

Thee Pluto
Content creator Thee Pluto flaunting his new ride PHOTO/@thee_pluto/Instagram

Thee Pluto acquires new car

Thee Pluto recently flaunted his new ride, a Mazda CZ-5 2016 model whose market value ranges from KSh 2.48 million to KSh 2.98 million.

Taking to his Instagram page, the 22-year-old shared photos posing with his new ride.

“Thanks to God. By the grace of God. Another baby in my list,” Thee Pluto captioned the photo.

Thee Pluto’s Land Cruiser TX

In November 2021, the content creator showed off a new vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser TX which he gifted himself while marking his 22nd birthday.

Speaking to the media, Thee Pluto said he acquired the vehicle at a tune of KSh 4 million although it was pre-owned.

“Another toy to my kingdom just before my birthday celebrations tomorrow. Land Cruiser (TX) 'And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared: If you are grateful I will add more unto you. Quran 14: 5-7'," he announced on Instagram.

The Land Cruiser (TX) 2016 costs between KSh 4.5 million and KSh 7 million depending on the customization.

Thee Pluto leaning on his pricey vehicle PHOTO/@thee_pluto/Instagram

Thee Pluto and Wangui Ng’ang’a

In April, politician Wangui Ng'ang'a sparked reactions from netizens after awarding Thee Pluto KSh 1 million for shaving his dreadlocks.

Taking to Instagram, he uploaded a photo receiving that cash with a caption;

“Serikali ya kusema na kutenda. Received!! Thank you Mheshimiwa."

While speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve, Pluto said he only let go of his signature locks because of the lucrative looking promise.

"Someone dared me that If I shave my dreads they would give me a million in cash. The offer was made weeks ago. I thought about it and I finally decided to go through with it

“I have not been given the cash but I will receive the cash on Saturday. I would not have shaved the dreadlocks if there was no money involved, it was my signature look," he said

Politician Wangui Ng'ang'a and Thee Pluto PHOTO/@thee_pluto/Instagram