Thee Pluto, fiancée Felicity Shiru hold exquisite baby shower, reveal baby’s gender

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On Sun, 25 Sep, 2022 10:58 | 2 mins read
Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru at her baby shower PHOTO/@mungai_eve/Instagram

Content creator Thee Pluto on Saturday, September 24, 2022, threw a colorful baby shower for his fiancée, Felicity Shiru.

The event which was graced by among others close friends and family was held at the couple’s house in Nairobi.

Felicity baby shower

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Thee Pluto explained that he decided to make the baby shower open unlike other celebrities who go surprises.

However, he noted that he had two surprises in store for Felicity.

During the same event, the couple also revealed their unborn baby’s gender, disclosing that they are expecting a baby girl.

“I didn’t want to have the baby shower as a surprise and leave out Felicity’s friends whom she would have wanted present so the only surprise I had for her was the gender which she had no idea about,” Thee Pluto said.

Thee Pluto
Felicity Shiru, Thee Pluto and guests at the baby shower PHOTO/@martinaglez_/Instagram

No challenges

During the same interview, Thee Pluto also noted that the pregnancy was not challenging as they had expected it to be.

He said that contrary to facing challenges such as mood swings, the pregnancy brought them closer and strengthened their bond.

“I was prepared to face challenges at this time because I heard pregnancy comes with its challenges such as mood swings and I expected that would be the case but it has been the opposite as our bond has grown stronger than we even thought,” Thee Pluto said.

Felicity was also gifted a car, a Mazda CX5 during the baby shower.

@mungai_eve It’s now official it’s a babygirl 💖💖💖 Congratulations @thee_pluto @felicityshiru #genderreveal #babyshower #baby ♬ original sound - Mungai Eve

Thee Pluto to engage Felicity

In a separate story, Thee Pluto disclosed plans to settle down with Felicity.

He stated that he is serious about the relationship and he hopes to engage Felicity soon.

”Mi napenda Fel. And I look forward to engaging her in a very serious thing that can lead to marriage. That is the point,” he said.

The clarification came amid claims that Thee Pluto was mistreating his pregnant girlfriend.

He was put on the spot over his attitude towards Felicity after a prank gone wrong.

Thee Pluto and fiancé Felicity Shiru PHOTO/@thee_pluto/Instagram

In the viral video, Felicity pranked Thee Pluto that she had crashed his car, however, his response did not sit well with a section of netizens who trolled him.

Thee Pluto was also slammed over how he treats his girlfriend.

“When did you last take Fel for vacation? You are busy worshipping your car and money. Hadi akizaa hakuna mahali utempeleka afurahi. You are a disgrace and a laughing stock my brother,” a social media user wrote.

The content creator was quick to fire back noting that he does most things with Felicity off social media.

He also set the record straight, maintaining that he will not succumb to social media pressure.

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