The day Nandy broke wind in a lift, much to the anger of other lift users

By K24Tv Team On Mon, 23 Sep, 2019 16:41 | 2 mins read
Tanzanian hit-maker Nandy [Photo: Courtesy]

When it comes to embarrassing moments, Sultry Tanzanian singer Nandy has a story and a half to tell.

In a recent radio interview the 26-year-old Ninogeshe hit-maker revealed that her most mortifying moment happened in a lift, with her photographer.

“I had a terrible stomach upset…I was gassy. At the time, there were only two of us in the lift and, you know, we have a certain level of familiarity between us,” she narrated, stifling fits of laughter.

“I felt I couldn’t hold it in any longer, so I farted. Oh my! It smelled terrible!” she continued.

As soon as she let it rip, the lift doors slid open.

Other passengers got onboard, as the foul smell hung heavy in the air. Embarrassed, Nandy did all she could to save face: she blamed her photographer!

“I had to throw him under the bus! He knew I was the culprit, but he could not say anything.  So, I scolded him, shamelessly,’” recalled the bubbly singer.

Photographer Jared Nyambega, who had accompanied her for the interview, confirmed that he suffered doubly that day – inhaling the awful smell, and shouldering the blame for it.

“When we got into the lift, she mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well. When the lift started, things went down!” he recounted.

Asked why he didn’t speak up for himself, Myambega explained: “She looked at me, and her eyes said it all.”

He had to take one for the team.

Nandy on her relationship with Billnass

As Nandy’s star continues to rise, so does the interest in her love life.

Most recently, fans and Bongo entertainment buffs have raised eyebrows over her close working relationship with ex-boyfriend, Billnas.

The two, who were in Kenya together promoting their new track Bugana, insisted that they have no romantic interest in each other, whatsoever.

The former lovebirds said that they have both moved on, but they continue to be friends and collaborators. Previously, revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in the relationship with Billnass.

Nandy has also been romantically linked to Hallelujah collaborator Willy Paul.

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