Terence Creative jokingly says he helped kick-start Edgar Obare’s career with his infamous cheating scandal

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On Mon, 8 Nov, 2021 19:40 | 2 mins read
Terence creative and Edgar Obare. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Sensational internet personality Lawrence Macharia alias Terence Creative is not backing off and continues to run away from the narrative that Edgar Obare deserves credits for his viral 'wash wash' skits.

In an interview on Youtube, Terence denied paying homage to the blogger where he jokingly stated that after all he helped kick start his career as well but did not get credited for that either.

"He is doing a good job and what I did was to execute it. Sorry to bring this up but a few years back I'm probably among the few people that helped kickstart his career. He has never credited me. He did my stories for six months," he quipped.

Terence argues that he owes credit to Kenyans for his millions of views on the 'Kemikal' videos.

The viral skit that saw Terence play ‘Papa Fred’  is a beautiful funny play that depicts how fraudulent deals and money laundering schemes are undertaken.

The video came at a time when netizens were super curious about the dirty business thanks to blogger Edgar Obare who shared the exposè that roped in notable names of businessmen, politicians and celebrities.

Terence would arguably become the biggest beneficiary of the exposè for his well-curated acting skills and timely video that threw netizens into a hysteria.

Terence Creative cheating scandal

This scandal he claims it was arguably responsible for Obare's career boost as the official 'tea master'

Two years ago, Edgar did an eight video episode for six months to document Terence infidelity saga that saw him eventually own up to it.

Terence and his wife Milly Chebby eventually moved on past the scandal and recently in a candid conversation on her Youtube channel the couple openly discussed it.

On their regular Youtube series dubbed ‘Convo Corner, Milly said that while her husband’s infidelity saga is a thing of the past she would like to know really ‘what was the reason?’

“Babe, why did you cheat on me? (don’t say it is the devil, we finished that),” Milly asked.

Terence in his answer acknowledged he has no reason and there is no excuse for his actions.

The thing is, when it comes to cheating, it raises so many questions especially to the one on the receiving end.

I mean, No! Why cheat? Was it because your partner is not enough? Was it because you were lonely, and you wanted some attention? Why did you step out and cheat?

It breaks trust, breaks hearts and sends everyone down a pit of despair but luckily for Terence and Milly, their relationship recovered from the trauma.

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