‘Why do you guys lie?’ Tanasha heartbroken after discovering man she was falling in love with has another girlfriend

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On Mon, 29 Aug, 2022 15:46 | 2 mins read
'Why do you guys lie?' Tanasha heartbroken after discovering man she was falling in love with has another girlfriend
Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna Oketch. PHOTO/Tanasha (@tanashadonna).

Single mother Tanasha Donna Oketch was falling in love again until she discovered her would-be boyfriend is a playboy.

Tanasha took to social media to narrate her ordeal, revealing that she was in Europe when she discovered the man she had the hots for was trending.

"I thought he likes me too. He asked me if I am in a relationship I am like 'no I am not in a relationship'. I asked if he is in a relationship he is like 'no I am single like what'. So yesterday I go on Twitter and this guy is trending and I am wondering why is this guy trending you know," Tanasha said.

She added that;

"So I go on Twitter and is full of pictures and videos of this guy with this another girl, very pretty girl she is a model. But they are holding hands and everything. They are vibing and I was like 'yo this nigga just a few days ago just told me that he is single'. So for me I am just like 'oh my God, why do you guys lie? Why do you guys lie? Am really trying to figure that shit out you know."

Tanasha won't unmask her would-be boyfriend

The mother of one refused to reveal the identity of the man she was falling in love with. She was however grateful that she caught him before she got into a relationship with him.

"That's so funny, am not gonna tell you who he is you guys. But I thought like sharing you know. And for me I was just like damn. Damn n*gga you was out here holding my hands like few days ago look at you now. Ohh my gosh this is so funny. Good news I found out now. Can you imagine like if we continued vibing and what not and I came to find out this sh*t later? Or if I was in Kenya I wouldn't have seen the trends that were trending her so… this guy would have played me.

"Thank you God. He tried messaging me and what not I have not really responded to his messages, I don't know if I should confront the situation or just stay silent. I am the type of girl that goes silent and ghost on you like you never going to hear from me again," she said.

Tanasha has been single ever since she broke up with her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz in 2020.

Diamond and Tanasha parted ways in 2020 after dating for less than a year. The heartbroken singer returned to Kenya shortly after Valentine’s day 2020 announcing on social media that she had called it quits with her baby daddy.

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