Songstress Nyota Ndogo and her big brother Juma Tutu bury the hatchet

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 27 Apr, 2020 14:11 | < 1 min read
Nyota Ndogo and Juma Tutu
The siblings during happier times. PHOTO | MANUEL NTOYAI
The siblings during happier times. PHOTO | MANUEL NTOYAI

When it comes to family feuds, no one has kept it simmering than Juma Tutu and his younger sister Nyota Ndogo.

The altercations went fever pitch a couple of years ago when Juma Tutu threatened to stop his sister's wedding to Danish lover Hanning Nielsen.

However, the two seem to have buried the hatchet and have embarked on working together.

“My friends, it is common to hear, “No family is perfect”. During my quiet moments of introspection, I chose to make amends with my sister, after a long-standing family feud. Sometimes, relationships need a hero — someone who makes the first move, chooses to be the bigger person, step up and start the healing,” said Juma.

The musically gifted siblings have not been seeing eye to eye but the renowned saxophonist said he has found peace not holding onto grudges that not only bothered him but also threatened to tear the family apart.

“I choose to share with you this story because it was in the public domain, to begin with. I am being candid about it since I am the firstborn in our family and I want to lead by example, as a family man, bandleader and a big brother. It is okay at times, to make mistakes and choose lasting bonds than burning bridges," he said.

Juma said he spoke with the Watu na Viatu songstress and have put the past behind them as they seek reconciliation. Clearly, blood is thicker than water.