‘Naambia God give this man strength nataka kujibamba’ – Size 8 on why she prays before s3x

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On Tue, 28 Mar, 2023 09:43 | 2 mins read
Size 8 and DJ Mo. Photo/(@DJMo)/Instagram
Size 8 and DJ Mo. PHOTO/(@DJMo)/Instagram

Gospel singer-cum-preacher Siz8 8 has revealed that she always prays to God before having intercourse with her husband DJ Mo.

Speaking on Diana Chacha's YouTube channel together with her husband, Size 8 emphasized the importance of sex in a marriage.

The mother of two said that after being married for 10 years she has discovered that sex is so important to men and that she has to be in the mood for her husband every time.

"Unajua for us what we have learnt for 10 years, I have learnt the importance of sex to a man. Mi nimelearn sex is so important to these guys and the reason ata naongelea people think pastors don't have sex, we do," Size 8 said.

The preacher added that even if she is not in the mood for sex she asks the Holy Spirit to get her in the mood for the sake of her husband.

"Sex is very very important to men I want women to understand and that's why ata kama hauko kwa mood unaambia holy spirit. That's why I tell women it's important to be prayerful because sometimes unajiforce tu uingie because sisi mood yetu haikuangi kama ya wanaume. Hatuko kwa mood kama hao, unajua hao wanakuanga kwa mood 24 hours. Naambia tu holy spirit nipeleke juu vile huyu msee ako juu," she said.

Prays for DJ Mo

Size 8 further disclosed that she always prays to God to give her husband strength so that he can satisfy her.

"Ata yeye mimi humuombea. Akijua namshika hivi nasema father in the name of Jesus, yeye hajui, ndani yangu nasema God give him strenght mi nataka kujibamba. Naambia father Lord give this man strength you are the one who created this thing, father the way you created it I want to enjoy it the way you pictured it," she said.

Size 8 added that she tells God that she does not want to cheat on her husband so she usually asks the Holy Spirit to make her focus and avoid distractions during intercourse so that she can enjoy it to full satisfaction.

"Mimi naambianga God mimi staki kucheat on bwanagu kwa hivyo akikuja mimi staki vitu zinisumbue kwa akili, Mungu wacha huyu mwanaume aland on me kakaboniously na mimi nijiachilie kakaboniusly," Size 8 said.

Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage has not been a bed of roses, they have been affected by marital problems like what happened last year when she briefly fled her matrimonial home.

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