Size 8 completely gives up on desire to have baby number 3 after near-death encounters

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Size 8 completely gives up on desire to have baby number 3 after near-death encounters
Size 8 when she was admitted in hospital in March 2022 when her blood pressure shot up. PHOTO/Size 8 (@size8reborn)/Instagram.

Gospel singer Linet Masiro Munyali alias Size 8 has opened up about how her chronic condition has stopped her from becoming a mother again.

Size 8 nearly broke down in tears while explaining how extreme preeclampsia has robbed her of the ability to become a mother for the third time.

Severe preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure. Size 8 spoke about her condition while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

The YouTuber asked the mother of two if she was pregnant with baby number three but she made it clear that she can't be knocked up again because of her condition.

"Ni nguo imejaa ata ni cotton. Sitaki mtoto sahi na sitarajii mtoto na siombi mtoto na nataka kufanya kazi ya Mungu nimetosheka. Wahu congratulations I wish you well mummy unajua ako na mtoto, wacha wao wazae unajua mimi sitaki mtoto sahi. Unajua for me health-wise high blood pressure imekua ikinikimbiza. Si ati sitaki watoto but heath-wise for me it's a threat," she said.

Size 8 nearly died

Size 8 has had a brush with death at least four times in her quest to be a mother. One time she suffered paralysis on the left side of her body.

She narrated how she nearly died while she was pregnant and suffered at least two miscarriages because of high blood pressure.

"Wambo I almost miscarried because of high blood pressure inaitwa extreme preeclampsia. The after Wambo nililose mtoi hapo katikati because of it and then nkazaa Junior. Junior kidogo iniue nlikua naparalize hii yote (left side of her body) but by the grace of God nilizaa but nilizaa early kalikua kadogo nini.

"And then after that nkapata ball last year hio karibu iniue I think all of you saw. But unfortunately mtoi wangu hakusurvive. And then even this year March tarehe 7 pressure ilikua imefika 236 so nka advisiwa mambo ya watoi for me…. By the way mi napenda watoi ata ningekua na watoi 10 but health yangu. But napray God atanitoa kwa mambo ya kumeza dawa za pressure to the glory of God," she narrated.

Miscarriages and complicated pregnancies

Size 8 struggled with her first pregnancy due to high blood pressure. Doctors advised her to deliver before nine months, it was the only way she could save her baby's life. She gave birth to her daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo in November 2015.

In 2018, Size 8 got pregnant with baby number two but unfortunately, she lost her unborn baby after months of enduring a complicated pregnancy.

She got pregnant again in 2019 and she managed to pull through despite developing serious complications. She gave birth to her son Samuel Muraya Junior in November that year.

The gospel singer however nearly died while giving birth to her son. The baby was born through a Cesarean Section after she developed serious complications.

A few days after giving birth to her son, Size 8’s blood pressure shot up causing her to have a minor stroke. She was paralysed on the left side of her body.

Two years after giving birth to her son Junior, Size 8 got pregnant but then again she suffered a miscarriage in 2021.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo announced on social media in October 2021 that they had made a bold decision to undergo a medical procedure that resulted in them losing the baby.

In March 2022, Size 8’s blood pressure shot up again and she was rushed to the hospital where she was admitted for two days before being discharged.

She was in the hospital for two days but her situation was critical. The mother of two revealed that she is alive by a miracle.

Size 8 opened up about her recent hospital admission in a lengthy post on social media, she stressed that God healed her as she was staring at death.

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