Sherlyne Anyango opens up on failed marriage plan

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On Sun, 25 Jun, 2023 21:29 | 2 mins read
Video vixen Sherlyne Anyango.
Video vixen Sherlyne Anyango. PHOTO/Sherlyne Anyango

Sherlyne Anyango has opened up on what led to her failed marriage plan with her American fiancé.

According to Sherlyne, things between her and her fiancé got ugly after his family 'googled' her only to discover her dark past.

She went on to reveal that with such information, her fiancé's family could not let him settle down with her due to the obvious 'red flags' found online.

"The main thing that got me to say was that there was one point I was going to get married. The family decided to Google my name, and everything was about Xtian Dela, all the things I use to do as a 19-year-old. The mzungu guy liked me a lot but the family was like this is a red flag and advised their son not to marry me," she narrated during the interview.

However, despite such skeletons in her closet, Sherlyne made it known that her only regret is that she was too young to understand her actions would one day cost her.

"By me regretting, it doesn't mean that I'm not ok right now. I'm very ok. Maisha haijanipiga. Now that my brain thinks differently like nimeoutgrow vitu nilikuwa nafanya," she went on.

Sherlyne learns the hard way

Having lost the man she wanted to settle with, Sherlyne expressed her regret for not listening to her family back when they warned her against the online videos.

"Sikuwa nawaskiza. I wish I never posted myself with my bu** naked. I wish I concealed everything," she expressed.

Well, with all the lessons learnt the vixen promised better content now that she understands wrong from right.

Sherlyne, who is back in the country, has vowed to promote a new song that will help put her music on the maps.

The video vixen popularly known for her relationship with Oga Obinna made her music plans known recently, after returning from the United States where she resided with her American fiancé.

Sherlyne with former boyfriend, Obinna. PHOTO/ Oga Obinna/Instagram
Sherlyne with former boyfriend, Obinna. PHOTO/ Oga Obinna/Instagram

However, having been in the industry as a video vixen, Sherlyne had already made a name for herself with wild videos on Club Covid, making it easier to launch her music career.

Sherlyne announced she has about six more songs which will be released in the course of the year.

"I have recorded six more songs that I am about to release. Feel free to call me msanii," Sherlyne said.

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