Saumu Mbuvi: I am not involved in any Sonko Rescue Team activities

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On Tue, 13 Sep, 2022 15:51 | 2 mins read
Saumu Mbuvi: I am not involved in any Sonko Rescue Team activities
Saumu Mbuvi with her father Mike Sonko. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Mike Sonko's eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi has distanced herself from activities of her father's charity initiative Sonko Rescue Team.

Saumu through a post on social media clarified that she does not work for the Sonko Rescue Team in a bid to protect unsuspecting victims from con artists.

The mother of two also stressed that she is not associated with the Saumu Mbuvi foundation.

“There is nothing like Saumu Mbuvi foundation or neither am I involved with any Sonko rescue team activities, so be careful. So in case you see such quickly report that page,” Saumu Mbuvi wrote.

Saumu Mbuvi cautions unsuspecting fans. PHOTO/Screengrab.

Mike Sonko founded the Sonko Rescue Team when he was still serving as Nairobi governor. The organization employed hundreds of youths and was involved in several charity activities.

Saumu Mbuvi on Facebook

Sonko's eldest daughter vowed to deal with online scammers who have been defrauding money from unsuspecting victims while impersonating her with pseudo accounts on social media.

Saumu clarified that she only has one Facebook account which is linked to her Instagram page.

“Guys one thing I need to address, I only have one Facebook page which I'm rarely active there, that's why it’s attached to my Instagram. Whatever I post here is automatically posted there. All those fake pages I don’t know whom they belong to. So be warned of those cheap fraudsters and if you are one of those fraudsters we shall soon find you. And you won’t like how it ends,” Saumu said.

Saumu Mbuvi clarifies she only has one Facebook account.

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