Sarah now seeks forgiveness from Kabu, says she gave out misleading information about their marriage

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On Wed, 13 Apr, 2022 13:05 | 2 mins read
Sarah Kabu opens up about suffering miscarriage with twins
Bonfire Adventures co-founder Sarah Kabu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Barely a day after revealing details about her troubled marriage, Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu now claims that there is some misleading information she might have given out to the public about her relationship with her husband, Simon Kabu.

Taking to her social media page, Sarah said that some of the intimate details she said about her marriage were misleading. She is, therefore, seeking forgiveness from her social media followers and her husband for issuing such statements.

In the interview, Sarah came out as a vulnerable victim in her marriage of 10 years saying that she “wished she had a humble life with love and peace of mind.”

She has admitted that her marriage was not close to perfect and she is tired of faking it.

“I don’t want any drama. I did not pick him (Simon) up from one of his houses. I found him a miserable young man and we have built ourselves.

“We have been discussing that we need to separate since I have not been comfortable with this marriage and I am tired of faking so we were in discussion. I wanted a peaceful separation and co-parenting and so on,” she said.

Sarah accused Simon of being a serial cheat and a man with several baby mamas; one of the vices she says has caused havoc in her marriage.

Sarah revealed that Simon has two other baby mamas with whom there have been wrangles over property and resources.

“They have been very aggressive and this is becoming stressful for me,” she said.

“When we were getting married and he told me about the daughter and the mother, I told him I hope they will not start interfering with our marriage. He had another relationship and he got a daughter, he had another relationship with someone else and they had a son,” she noted.

Due to the problems in the marriage, Sarah said that she told Simon that she wished she could die before Simon to evade the drama that might come with the inheritance of property.

“I even told him we need to separate and maybe meet during your funeral, I pray to God I die before him so that I don’t face the drama,” she said.

Hours after making such statements, Sarah now says that she might have spoken a bit too much about her family issues to the public and she now wants to resolve the underlying issues with the husband offline.

According to her, she might have made the statement due to the state of distress she is in at the moment.

"Sorry, my fam. When I was in distress I said things that I shouldn't have said online and thus misleading. Life is a lesson and we learn every day. Forgive me, Simon. Let's sort our issues off-line. Keep us in prayers," Sarah said.

Sarah who also assured her followers that everything will be okay with her husband assured her followers that marriage works despite its fair share of challenges.

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