Sarah Kabu challenges women to learn from Akothee’s new relationship

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On Sat, 1 Oct, 2022 20:00 | 2 mins read
Sarah Kabu opens up about suffering miscarriage with twins
Bonfire Adventures co-founder Sarah Kabu. PHOTO/Courtesy

Bonfire Adventures CEO Sarah Kabu has advised young women to work for themselves and stop depending on sponsors.

The businesswoman shared the remarks while congratulating musician Akothee who recently announced her new relationship.

Work hard

In an update on her Instagram page, Kabu advised young ladies to take Akothee’s relationship as an example.

As such, she insisted that women should work for their own money instead of depending on sponsors for a good life.

“Single ladies, does this picture speak volumes to you? Yaani @akotheekenya is picnicking with her new mzungu boyfriend on her backyard lawns

“Ladies work hard sio lazima uenjoy such stuff via sponyo usiteseke kwa mapenzi. Wishing them all the happiness love has to offer,” Kabu wrote.

Simon Kabu on breaking up with Sarah

Elsewhere, Simon Kabu has addressed speculations surrounding the state of his marriage to the businesswoman.

Sarah had shared a cryptic message on social media insinuating that she had separated from his multimillionaire husband.

However, her husband has countered the claims maintaining that they are still together and on good terms.

"With Twitter burning, does it mean you are single now?" Asked a fan to which Simon responded, "I'm happily married."

On claims that he took off with their children, Simon stated that he was holidaying with them at the Coast after jetting into the country from Paris.

"I'm back from Paris and now I'm in the coast for a holiday with my kids," he wrote.

Simon and Sarah Kabu during a World Champagne Day. PHOTO/Moses Mwangi (mosesmwangi)/Facebook

Sarah Kabu castigates Eric Omondi

As earlier reported on K24 Digital, Sarah took issue with comedian Eric Omondi for allegedly neglecting his child with Jacque Maribe.

She advised Omondi to take up his responsibilities as a father and pay for his son's school fees and upkeep.

Sarah said that it was unfortunate that the funnyman was not providing for their son yet he gets good money from his comedy career.

“Eric Omondi  you are my good friend and am also ur greatest fan too! but not paying school fees and upkeep for your child and making fun of it live on camera isn't funny at all

"Am heartbroken for Jackie please man up now and take responsibility as I know u make good money with ur comedy. We are living in hard times bana,” she said.

Sarah Kabu
Sarah and Simon Kabu of Bonfire Adventures tour firm. PHOTO/Courtesy