‘Kids suffer because of two selfish people’ – Samidoh’s wife takes on side chicks

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 11 Sep, 2022 14:07 | < 1 min read
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Mugithi maven Samidoh with his wife Edday Nderitu. PHOTO/Instagram

Mugithi maven Samidoh has been pretty low key staying away from drama until recently when his wife Edday Nderitu shared a cryptic message online which got fans speculating about some warfare.

The mother of three shared her thoughts on side chicks noting that men tolerate them at the cost of their kids' well-being.

She was reacting to a social media post by a user identified as Bernice Saroni who was also castigating side kicks terming the as home wreckers.

She questioned why these bunch of women ask men to be faithful to them, yet they cheat on their wives with them.

"Where do side chick get the strength to tell a married man promise not to break my heart or cheat on me? Women, why do you think you are special than the wife? Don't be a devil in someone's marriage they are a lot of single men huku inje ...Tafuta uoshe wako," she wrote.

Edday would later respond perhaps outing her troubled marriage.

"It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, then comes a side chick who thinks she’s better than the wife, then comes children who suffer because of two selfish people, and that’s why depression in pre-teens and teens has increased," she stated.

This comes days after her husband Samidoh attended Karen Nyamu's swearing-in ceremony after her nomination to the senate.