Samidoh applauds singer Muigai wa Njoroge’s move to pay dowry for his 2nd wife

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On Sun, 27 Aug, 2023 16:14 | 2 mins read
Samidoh applauds singer Muigai wa Njoroge's move to pay dowry for his 2nd wife
Photo collage of Kikuyu singers Samidoh with Muigai wa Njoroge and his 2nd wife. PHOTO/Facebook

Mugithi maestro Samidoh is dropping subtle hints after applauding Kikuyu gospel singer Muigai wa Njoroge's move to pay the dowry for his second wife.

Samidoh who spoke briefly during the ceremony lauded Muigai saying he has established the right way for others in polygamous marriages to follow.

"You have set the pace and we shall follow in your footsteps," he said amid laughter from the guests.

The quote was loosely translated from his Kikuyu verbatim.

The dowry payment ceremony held in Ndeiya, Kiambu county on Saturday, August 27 brought pomp and colour when the gospel star traditionally wedded his second wife, Queen Stacey.

Muigai wa Njoroge was accompanied by notable politicians and celebrities, however, his first wife, Njeri wa Muigai was conspicuously missing.

Muigai is among Kikuyu artistes in open polygamous marriages. Currently, Samidoh's union seems to be troubled after his wife Eddie Nderitu left.

Edday Nderitu who publicly announced she would not engage in a polygamous marriage called it quits following Samidoh's enduring involvement with Karen Nyamu.

The mother of three later moved to the US with all her children in early May 2023 noting that she had left her husband to 'whoever needed him more'.

"Lemmie clarify a few things that were shared online and not accurate…… I am not in any polygamous marriage as stated I left the husband for whoever needed him more," Edday wrote on Facebook in part.

Confirming the breakup, Samidoh in his latest song held himself accountable for his failing union and begged his wife to return.

"Clearly, I'm to blame for our failed love and it pains me that you left," he sings.

As Samidoh writes his wrongs to a scorned lover, it becomes increasingly clear that he misses his first love.

The father of five begs his wife to remember how far their love has come and not to blow it all away due to a few misunderstandings.

"I've been sorry and I still love you. I still hold my promises to you. To take care of you as I assured your parents. Please come back home, let's raise our babies together."

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