Sakaja’s wife opens on motherhood challenges

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On Wed, 29 May, 2024 12:05 | 3 mins read
Nairobi First Lady Beatrice Sakaja in an interview. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24Digital/YouTube
Nairobi First Lady Beatrice Sakaja in an interview. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24Digital/YouTube

Nairobi’s First Lady Beatrice Sakaja has opened up about the challenges and joys she has experienced on her journey through motherhood. 

Beatrice revealed in a recent interview she would have had more children if she had the chance. 

Blessed with two sons aged 12 and 11, Beatrice believes her biggest legacy is to make sure her children enjoy being themselves.

“I have two kids, I wish I could have more. They are delightful and the best people I know,” Beatrice said.

Nairobi First Lady Beatrice Sakaja in an interview. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24Digital/YouTube

Parenting style

Reflecting on her younger years, Beatrice recalls how a Danielle Steel book sparked thoughts of a different future where marriage might come much later in life.

However, life had other plans, and she welcomed her children at a relatively young age. Despite the unexpected timing, she expresses immense appreciation for the way things unfolded.

“I was very young 25/26, and found myself with two kids back to back. I cannot explain how that happened but God works in mysterious, I couldn’t have wanted it any other way. If I waited it would not have worked,” Beatrice added.

Asked about what principles she uses to guide her children, Beatrice stated that she turns to the Bible for principles and values. 

“I try to parent according to what I read in the Bible, then I noticed that parenting in the bible is not straightforward. There isn’t much, it is generalities. I don’t think there’s a specific way to parenting, people are different, but you can figure it out and work on some foundational principles,” Beatrice stated.

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja. PHOTO/Johnson Sakaja (SakajaJohnson)/Twitter

Life with Sakaja

As her husband, Sakaja, ventured into politics starting as a nominated member of parliament and now as a governor, Beatrice says she found herself balancing the demands of parenting with the responsibilities that come with her husband's career. 

“I never realised how busy my husband was until he got busier. When he became governor it was crazy. I remember thinking that, oh finally we can relax after the elections. Sometimes I joke that I am the only one with his proof of life, and the kids are usually asking, oh dad was here? Did dad come?” Beatrice added.

Through it all, she believes that there is no better way to approach the journey of parenthood, especially with a parent who is in the political scene than with complete openness. 

According to Beatrice, she shields herself from hearing anything negative about her husband, and her close circle knows about it too. However, she concedes that her children cannot do the same because their friends keep them in the loop.

“I realized I cannot shield them from that life, I have to be the one who gives them information as straight as it is. They need to come to me and ask anything and I will break it down for them,” Beatrice added.