Sailors Gang member in mourning after losing unborn baby

By Naomi Njoroge On Sun, 6 Jun, 2021 21:27 | < 1 min read
Sailors' Lexxy Yung with his girlfriend. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Lexxy Yung of Sailors and his girlfriend have lost their son.

Taking to his social media on Sunday, June 6, Lexxy shared the disturbing news with his fans and followers terming it, ‘a nail straight to my heart and my wife’s heart’.

The artist alleges that a nurse messed up when breaking his wife’s water leading to his baby boy’s death at birth at Limuru Nursing Hospital.

In the same post, Lexxy vowed to seek justice for his son and family noting that his son’s death was ‘not natural’.

“I will seek justice for my baby boy because ‘haikufaa ivo ni mtu alimuua’,” part of his caption read.

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