‘Any Ruger you see with two eyes is Kenyan Ruger’ – Nigerian artiste says

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On Wed, 13 Sep, 2023 13:16 | 2 mins read
'Any Ruger you see with two eyes is Kenyan Ruger' - Nigerian artiste says
Photo collage of Ruger and his doppleganger. PHOTOS/Courtesy

Fast-rising Nigerian Afrobeats singer Ruger whose real name is Michael Adebayo Olayinka now says contrary to what fans think, he is actually 'one-eyed'.

Ruger's eyesight piques interest among his fans because since breaking out as an artiste he has been wearing a patch on his left eye and with time adapted it as his signature look.

The 'Girlfriend' crooner also wears tinted sunglasses as if to conceal his eyes pushing fans to speculate.

Through his Instagram account, Ruger confirmed he has a problem with his left eye before throwing a banter at the Kenyan doppelganger impersonating him -Ruger wa Kayole.

"All before I lost one of my eyes 🙏🏾I had very vivid dreams of being who I am today right from a very young age. I thank God for taking me to where I’m supposed to be in life. And I appreciate everyone who has taken part in this journey I love you all ❤️" he wrote on Instagram to which a fan called him out for allegedly lying.

"Ruger stop lying all your eyes are perfect. You have not lost any eyes Seen it already," a fan retaliated.

Ruger responded much to the amusement of his Kenyan fans saying; "...any Ruger you see with two eyes is Kenyan Ruger."

Ruger reacts to 'Kenyan Ruger'

This comes after Ruger said he has no issue with the Kenyan doppelganger impersonating him and using his brand to earn a living.

The singer who was responding to a BBC Entertainment host in fact noted that he wished his doppelganger the best and that he was happy for him.

"Fake Ruger is enjoying your life right now, I don't know if you are aware bro. He's actually booked to perform at shows…listen bro. He's in Kenya you know are you aware? Fake Ruger is in Kenya, a great impersonator and he's already been booked to perform shows in Kenya," the host said.

"I mean I'm happy for him, I wish him well," Ruger replied.


"No, no, no. He's making his P's. Everybody must eat because when my people were telling me Have you seen this - No but I say man's just tryna hustle you understand.

"He's actually promoting my songs in a way, cause he's not making his own songs and saying that's Ruger who made the songs, he's singing mine at the end of the day they'll go back to their house and stream the songs. That's the most important thing. I beg everybody should calm down."

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