You are the mean girl – Former Salem actress throws shade at Jackie Matubia

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On Tue, 28 May, 2024 08:14 | 3 mins read
Actresses Jackie Matubia and Auudi Rowa. PHOTO/ (@jmatubia @auudirowa) / Instagram
Actresses Jackie Matubia and Auudi Rowa. PHOTO/ (@jmatubia @auudirowa) / Instagram

Former Salem actress Auudi Rowa has branded Jackie Mutubia as a mean girl for assassinating her character and credit snub.

Jackie Mutubia, a well-known actress who is now a producer, belittled her former colleague Auudi.

Sharing on her Instagram, Rowa disclosed that Jackie called her bitter after she requested that her name be spelt correctly on the credits of a show called Toxic, which airs on YouTube.

“Jackie Matubia just called me bitter and insecure just because I asked for my credits on her show to be written correctly. Bitter and insecure and you can’t spell my name correctly,” Rowa said.

Actresses Jackie Matubia and Auudi Rowa having a good time. PHOTO/ (@auudirowa) / Instagram

Who is bitter?

Rowa, who is part of Jackie's show, says she gave it her all and finds it insulting that Jackie thinks she's bitter because she requested to have credits written correctly. Rowa added that she was surprised by the price she is paying for supporting her friend Jackie.

“Oh, ati that’s why I cannot go anywhere with my career. Yaani you do work for a friend and this is what you get in return. Anyway,Dunia duara kweli,” she added.

Former Salem actress Auudi Rowa. PHOTO/ (@auudirowa) / Instagram

Despite supporting Jackie Matubia as a good friend, Rowa hinted that she was not paid adequately despite all her efforts. She sarcastically asked her audience to go watch the show, insinuating that Jackie would receive pay from the views.

“Anyway, watch Toxic on YouTube and make her the money she never paid us. A befitting name for a show for the befitting creator. And no it’s not a banter or a joke I am beyond mad,” Auudi added.

Jackie vs Auudi

The confrontation between actresses Rowa and Jackie continued, and Rowa revealed what Jackie told her about how big her brand was and how she would never use Rowa. This made Rowa angry.

“How can I use you? What is that you have to use? Like, try to put my name and your name. Jackie said to me. So besides being insecure and bitter, I am a nobody too? So why am I on your show?” Rowa stated.

Actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/(@jmatubia)/Instagram
Actress Jackie Matubia. PHOTO/(@jmatubia)/Instagram

Actress Auudi was surprised to receive such treatment from Jackie, who she had been warned about. Rowa denied claims she heard from others about Jackie but stated that it took a little time to see this firsthand.

It’s not my fault you are turning into one of the exact monster producers that we said we would strive to do better than. Ata ukini-unfollow. I worked on your project na roho moja clean. And did good work and you wrong me, period. I stand up for myself asking for my rights and you attempt to assassinate my character. You are the mean girl everyone thinks you are. I thought they were wrong and even voiced as much. Kumbe it was just a matter of time before I experienced it myself. Mambo kweli ni mengi,” Rowa said.

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