Ringtone labels Size 8 quack pastor

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On Tue, 3 May, 2022 15:39 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of singer Size 8 and gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko PHOTO/Courtesy

Everyone is probably still talking about the Size 8 video where she was casting out demons. The musician was recently ordained as a pastor and the video went viral, many wondering how she was able to do that ‘so fast’.

Gospel artiste Ringtone recently reacted to the video and called the mother of two a fake pastor adding that she could only be a motivational speaker but not a pastor who practices exorcism.

"Me naweza ambia size anatafuta attention. Hakuna mtu anaweza toa mapepo, anatafuta tu njia ya pesa. Pastor tunawajua. Mimi siwezi mkubali Kwa Sababu huo ni uwongo," he said.

Size 8

"Size 8 anaweza kuwa mnalimu was wasichana, ama motivation speaker. Lakini kuniambia eti Size anaombea mapepo zitoke? Hizo ni visanga kama zile za vya pastor Kanyari. Huyu anapenda kuwa pastor Kanyari mwingine," he added.

Size 8 album launch

This comes after Size 8 launched her album two months ago where Ringtone was thrown out of the event. According to Nairobi Wire, Ringtone crashed the event.

During the launch, pastors were called to the stage and Ringtone joined. The female gospel artiste insisted that he wasn’t allowed to be there and when Ringtone started to cause a scene, he was chased out.

“I’m walking out of this Album launch because we have come here to support Size 8, but she calls men of God to go to the pulpit and dedicate her album. When the pastors went to the pulpit I joined them because I also have my own pulpit, I’m a minister. Pastors don’t have the highest rank than a musician like me," Ringtone said.

Size 8
DJ Mo, Size 8 and Willy Paul. PHOTO/Instagram

Ringtone expressed his disappointment towards Size 8 after he was chased from the pulpit.

“But I went on stage then she chased me, saying this is a session for pastors only. I want to tell size 8, I’m also an anointed man of God who has survived this far. I’m disappointed so much because she chased me from the pulpit,” Ringtone complained.

After the video, Size 8 received love-hate reactions from her fans. She then blocked the comment section on her Instagram and kept a low profile. She was recently seen giving a speech at Jackie Matubia’s baby shower that happened over the weekend.