RECAP: For your feel good vibes: List of hit songs of 2021

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 6 Dec, 2021 15:45 | 4 mins read
A photo collage of some of the artists whose songs made it to the hit list of 2021. PHOTO/COURTESY

From Otile Brown's project with Jovial on hit song 'Such Kinda Love' to Ms Nikita Kering showing off with her vocals, we have enjoyed good music from our Kenyan artistes this year.

After a very uncertain 2020, Kenyans have had some amazing musical moments throughout 2021.

While the whole topic 'Hit songs 2021' is truly objective, this sampling was done based on the reception the song received at the time of its release, views on YouTube and general engagement there in.

Some of the songs made good music, others were just fast trend music thanks to Tiktok and the very active and energetic 'Generation Z'

Here are some of the hits of 2021 as sampled by K24 Digital;

'EX' by Nikita Kering

Songbird Nikita Kering gave us vocals upon vocals with the song off her album dubbed 'A side of me'

The song reminded all of us of what we don't wanna be and always backspacing those toxic texts.

Fans would need some time to get used to the now all-grown singer, but it didn’t take long for the nation to develop a soft spot for the vocally-gifted beauty.

The year has also been good to the 19-year-old as in November, Nikita bagged two awards in the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) that were held in Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday, November 21.

Kering won the Best Artiste Rnb and Soul category as well as the Best Female Artiste Africa category.

'Ndovu in Kuu' by Krispah x Khaligraph Jones, Boutross

The song by upcoming singer Krispah makes it to the list thanks to all the drama around the hit track.

From the alleged 'profiling' bars to copyright breach, 'Ndovu ni Kuu' made it to the list of the top songs in 2021 with over 8.4 million views so far.

The song is a compilation of sweet melody by rapper Khaligraph Jones and Boutross.

Krispah suffered a setback after the song was deleted by Youtube on copyright allegations but it did not take long before it was restored.

'Siskii' by Mejja

Genge legend Mejja has blessed his fans with hits back to back but unfortunately most of his songs have been flagged on copyright allegations with Youtube deleting them.

That not withstanding, 'Siskii' song released in February was one of the well received songs with fans vibing to the easy breezy lyrics.

This and 'Tabia za Wakenya' which has since been deleted still remains to be good songs by Mejja in 2021.

'Back it up'- Nameless and Wahu

Tiktok's best challenge this year goes to this compilation by love birds Nameless and Wahu.

Fans loved the challenge and hopped into it to make it a trend.

If you've not yet tried the challenge, get into it and enjoy moving your body around for no reason but pleasure.

'Pete Yangu'- Bahati ft Nadia Mukami

The song with over 5.2million views is Bahati's hit song off his album 'Love like this' released in June 2021.

Bahati continues to enjoy and thrive under the radar with a catalog of hit songs and a loyal fanbase.

'Pombe/Above The Head'- Iyanii

The song gained momentum after President Uhuru Kenyatta lifted the curfew on October 20, during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kirinyaga county.

Kenyans celebrated freedom to party and be 'outside' in wee hours with this song right here.

The song was dropped on September 14 and has since garnered over 2.1 million views and makes it to the list the hit of 2021.

'Only One'(Dawa ya Baridi) - Mr Seed ft Masauti

The hit song by Gospel singer Mr. Seed was one of the biggest hits after its release in mid-September off his album dubbed 'Black Child'

It took off with Tiktok challenges and managed to amass over 4.7 million views on Youtube.

Fans enjoyed the gospel singer getting a little spicy on the track which he said was dedicated to his wife with Masauti coming in on the best part of Seed's most beloved hit of 2021.

'Such Kinda Love'- Otile Brown X Jovial

We all loved when Otile Brown reunited with his former signee Jovial for their hit song 'Such kinda love'

It was so good that some artistes tried sampling the beats but the song still hit over 13.5 million views on YouTube.

It was not long before it was also deleted on Youtube but was restored shortly after the breach.

'Adhiambo'- Bahati & Prince Indah

Singer Bahati has been making strides to connect with countrywide fans of music and this was well demonstrated with his song ‘Adhiambo’ with Luo finest Prince Indah.

The hit done in English, Swahili and Dholuo saw Bahati pull together stars and big names in the entertainment industry.

The song put Bahati back in the music charts with the song taking over the trends on Youtube in less than 24 hours after its debut as well as Tiktok challenges.

'Adhiambo' released in October garnered over 5.4 million views on Youtube to become Bahati's top song of 2021.

'Bila Jasho' - Timeless Noel X Jabidii

Another Tiktok hit thanks to danceable beats by contemporary gospel singers and show hosts Timeless Noel and Jabidii.

With beautiful whistling in the beginning, the song moves your body automatically, I mean 'bila jasho' . Its challenge has controlled the internet.

'Sipangwingwi'- Exray Taniua ft Trio Mio & Ssaru

The younglings gave us the 'ultimate come back' for the bad vibes and negative energy in our lives moving forward.

From politicians to influencers, the line is spreading like wild fire and its only prudent to mention.. it is actually a song dropped on October 30.

It brings together 'Gengetone' artists Exray Taniua, the talented Trio Mio and upcoming Ssaru.

'Rhumba Japani' by Sauti Sol ft Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Xenia Manasseh, Okello Max & NHP

Boy band Sauti Sol gave their fans a masterpiece before launching their solo careers later this year.

The track incorporated different vocals by all these artistes to narrate life in general here in Nairobi and Kenya altogether.

'Hapo Tu'- Nyashinski ft Chris Kaiga

For the last song on the list, the beautiful compilation of Nyashinski and Chris Kaiga released in the last days of 2020 basically hit the airwaves in 2021.

Nyashinski was surprisingly quiet until recently when he dropped a banger with Femi one but this remains on top.