The curse of Houston? Rayvanny suffers similar embarrassment like Zuchu as his US show flops terribly

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On Mon, 28 Nov, 2022 11:54 | 2 mins read
The curse of Houston? Rayvanny suffers similar embarrassment like Zuchu as his US show flops terribly
Zuchu and Rayvanny. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Bongo singer Rayvanny had a disappointing show in Houston, Texas, USA after fans failed to show up for his gig.

Rayvanny alias Vanny Boy, performed in Houston on November 25, 2022.

"Houston Texas, This is it, I will be performing Live in your City 25/11/2022 Tell a friend to tell a friend its THANKS GIVING WEEKEND with Your Boy. cc @SafariEnt @dmkglobal #HOUSTONTEXAS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 LETS DO IT 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥" Rayvanny announced ahead of his show.

However, come November 25, only a handful of revellers showed up for Rayvanny's gig. Videos of a nearly empty hall started circulating online over the past weekend.


Netizens ruthlessly trolled Rayvanny on social media after his show in Houston was only attended by about 50 people.

2mbili: Kwa poster walisema ni CHUI anakam, hata kama ni wewe ungeenda ?

am_brayne: Mjuee watu wameendaa world cup 😂 hiyo ndio kitu mnasahau

budu.blash: naskia zuchu alikuwa na watu fortefive😂

mrass.mwenda:😂😂kenyan artists sell out tickets

papy__j: Mwanaume ni mkali tu akiwa kwake😂😂

Rayvanny ultimately hit back at a troll whose comment irked him.

"Show ilikuwa na watu kumi na saba bro acha kujidhalilisha si bora ungepiga show Mbauda sokoni (Only 17 people attended your show. Stop embarrassing yourself and just perform at Mbauda market)," Kim the Don commented.

To which Rayvanny replied;

"Ata mkeo akifika bei ninayotaka napiga show chumbani kwako sichagui sibagui (Even if your wife can afford to pay me what I want I will perform in your living room I am not choosy)."

Zuchu in Houston

Zuchu began her tour of the US with a rather disappointing show in Houston, Texas on November 18, 2022.

Fans failed to show up at Zuchu's Houston gig leaving her to perform for an audience of fewer than 30 people.

The Bongo singer took to social media to express her disappointment after the Houston show flopped terribly.

As an artiste, nobody ever prepares you for moments like this. My show in Houston didn’t go as planned ila namshukuru kila aniejitokeza kwa ajili yangu I love y’all. As I’m crying and sobbing right now ila hii leo imenipa hasira ya kufanya zaidi,” Zuchu wrote.

Recently I lost my energy to even work hard kibinaadamu tu I kept asking why did I choose this career but moments like this zinanipa majibu ya kwamba a few chosen ones hutolewa kama mfano ili ije kua rahisi kwa wengine. Kina Simba wanawazajae Yarrabi wll in their stories kuna a lof of failures ndo pengine zinawafikisha walipo. I accept failing as a part of my success,” she added.

Zuchu also talked about her flopped show at the Afrimma award gala in Dallas, Texas on November 19 where she was feted for winning Best East African Female Artiste 2022.

In her acceptance speech, Zuchu confessed that she cried after fans failed to show up for her gig in Houston.

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