Didmus Barasa’s musician sister Rawbeena claims siblings neglected her despite being rich

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On Wed, 10 Aug, 2022 13:47 | 2 mins read

Kenyan rapper Rawbeena has accused his siblings of neglecting her despite them being successful.

The musician based in Finland is Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa’s sister.

Stingy siblings

In an update on her social media platform, the musician claimed that her siblings disregarded her despite her quest for education.

Rawbeena made the revelation while addressing her fans who have been requesting her to provide them with basic stuff such as food.

“I get a lot of DM’s of people asking me to give them a job, buy then an iPhone, food, some even con me after promising to work, and after I pay them, they somehow disappear

“Years back, I dreamt of just a university or college degree, but my very rich brothers could not even take me to school their life, their money, and their priorities,” she wrote.

Rawbeena further noted that during his stay abroad, none of her family members has spent a single cent on her.

Rawbeena is a Kenyan musician based in Finland PHOTO/@rawbeenakenya/Instagram

Rawbeena success

The musician noted that despite the challenges that she faced, she managed to rise through them and made her way to the top.

Rawbeena advised her fans to act on their shortcomings instead of counting on other people to solve their issues for them.

“Tonight, I want to give gratitude to God and myself for believing in me. My lesson is simple: Don’t sit there waiting for help! Don’t even expect it

“I used my talent, and my intention was not to be a famous Kenyan super-star but to use this as a pathway to secure my future,” she emphasized.

Rawbeena is currently based in Tampere, Finland.

Didmus Barasa arrested

Barasa has been arrested in connection with a shooting incident that left one person dead in Bungoma on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

The MP is alleged to have shot and killed an aide to one of his opponents after a disagreement.

According to police reports, Barasa shot Brian Khaemba's aide Brian Olunga in the forehead, where he bled to death.

The legislator is said to have gone into hiding after the incident which has sparked fury among locals.

He surrendered to authorities moments after police launched a manhunt for him.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa. Photo/Courtesy

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