Rapper KRG the Don says he has set aside at least Ksh5M to spend for his birthday

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On Mon, 10 Jan, 2022 15:42 | < 1 min read

Upcoming rapper KRG the Don has revealed that his minimum spending for his today’s birthday party will be not less than Ksh5 million.

This, he said in a phone conversation with a local radio station where he noted that he also plans to cater for all his guests’ food and drinks during the party in case they fail to foot the bills.

“I don’t have a limit but I have a minimum. We can spend at least 5 million or as much as we can,” he disclosed.

“I will eat anything that I want, buy whatever I want, and in case we party too much and anyone is unable to pay their bills, I will definitely pay for them. We have planned a lot from 4 pm this evening,” he added.

This comes barely a week after he celebrated the downfall of famous blogger Edgar Obare after his Instagram account was deactivated again.

These two have been on loggerheads for days and just after the account was deleted, he revealed he was the mastermind behind it.

“Ediga kibare Hapana Cheza na Bughaaa (sic) ….. This planet is safe without BNNKE….. Her students can cry on the comments section,” he wrote.

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