Larry Madowo’s tweet about late Queen Elizabeth not being loved in Africa flagged

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On Sat, 10 Sep, 2022 12:48 | 2 mins read
Larry Madowo tweet about late Queen Elizabeth not being loved in Africa flagged
Larry Madowo juxtaposed with late Queen Elizabeth II. PHOTO/Courtesy.

CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo lost his cool after his tweet about the late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was flagged in Germany.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at her Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Madowo while reporting for CNN from Nairobi explained how the late Queen Elizabeth was not liked by several people in Africa including in Kenya.

The CNN correspondent noted that the brutal British colonial history in Africa had tainted the late Queen Elizabeth's reputation among Africans.

"There is a complicated legacy on the African continent. The fairy tale is that Queen Elizabeth went up the tree top here in Kenya a princess and came down a queen it was because when she was here in Kenya that she learnt that her dad had died and she was to be the queen. Eight years after that, the British colonial government cracked down brutally on the Mau Mau rebellion against the colonial administration. They herded more than a million people into concentration camps where they were tortured and dehumanised," Madowo said.

"And so across the African continent, people have been people who were saying 'I will not mourn for Queen Elizabeth because my ancestor suffered great atrocities under her people and that she never fully acknowledged that'. And that's why among African Twitter among black Twitter on social media there have been very many people who are ungovernable," he added.

Madowo's tweet about late Queen Elizabeth flagged in Germany

Some tweeps in Germany reported Larry Madowo's tweet about Queen Elizabeth prompting the social media company to launch investigations.

However, Twitter didn't pull down Madowo's tweet as they concluded he didn't violate community guidelines.

"Twitter is required by German law to provide notice to users who are reported by people from Germany via the Network Enforcement Act reporting flow. We have received a complaint regarding your account @LarryMadowo," Twitter alert to Madowo read in part.

"We have investigated the reported content and have found it is not subjected to removal under the Twitter Rules," it continued.

Madowo was not pleased that some tweeps in Germany flagged his tweet.

"Some people don’t like it when Africans tell their own (his)stories. What in the Berlin Conference is this?" The CNN correspondent ranted.

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