Pritty Vishy claims strangers in her DMs want her to act adult content

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On Wed, 22 Mar, 2023 18:04 | 2 mins read
'Pritty Vishy's photoshoot
Pritty Vishy. Photo/Instagram (@prittyvishy)

Pritty Vishy is being sought, albeit aggressively, by creators of local adult movies.

The controversial content creator lamented that for the past five months, she has been receiving lucrative offers to star in adult movies.

Vishy noted that creators of adult films have been sending her messages through her social media platforms and even calling her to pitch the idea of starring in blue movies.

"The way I get dms and calls unknown people telling me to go and meet them at a certain location to act pawn…if I block them they look for another number 🥲," Vishy wrote.

Pritty Vishy further said she was scared as the requests for starring in adult movies keep coming even after she blocks those contacting her.

"Am even afraid now to be honest. It has been over 5 months getting such dm on my WhatsApp…am I even safe?😭😭😭" Pritty Vishy wrote.

The content creator further went ahead and shared a screenshot of one of the chats that she had with a person who wanted her to feature in an adult movie.

The adult movie creator was offering to pay Pritty Vishy Ksh600,000 promising that her face would be concealed during the shooting of the adult content.

The person explained to Vishy that they were looking for ladies with voluptuous bodies to star in blue movies.

When Vishy turned down their offer, the person asked for a hookup promising to pay her Ksh50,000 for a three-hour romp.

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