‘People grow and evolve’- Samidoh’s message to stalkers

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On Fri, 23 Jul, 2021 16:03 | < 1 min read
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Sensational Mugithi musician Samidoh. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Sensational Mugithi musician Samidoh, whose real name is Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu has today shared his thoughts on stalkers.

Samidoh believes that the whole idea of digging into people's past lives is awful and is driven by ill motives.

He summed it up by saying people grow and evolve therefore the past should not matter.

"This culture of digging up everybody's past to find ways to invalidate their current success is so sad as if people don't grow & evolve," he wrote.

This, unfortunately, but unsurprisingly is what he went through during his highly publicized cheating scandal early this year.

Samidoh sired a child with his 'diehard fan' and former Nairobi Woman Representative hopeful Karen Nyamu.

In the new era of 'serving tea' and 'receipts innate', paparazzi(s) are everywhere and can be anyone- from friends to neighbours and sometimes even family.

The news licked via a blogger and immediately stirred up all sorts of messy controversy and eventual response by him.

The father of three confirmed the rumours to be true and later issued a public apology to his wife, family and fans.

In his previous post, the 29-year old lightly noted that Karen made the first move in their relationship.

Sharing his regular tales of past life, he advised young entrepreneurs that a seller should never flirt with a customer regardless of how fine they looked.

Knowing the impending critiques that would ensue, one fan quickly responded by asking about Ms Nyamu.

"But did you not do that with karen nyamu yet she was one of your fans?"

He then answered saying that it is not wrong for the opposite to happen. (A customer is allowed to flirt with a seller)

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