Otile Brown blasts critics claiming he is underperforming

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On Sat, 24 Jun, 2023 14:35 | 3 mins read
Kenyan artiste Otile Brown. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)/ Instagram
Kenyan artiste Otile Brown. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown)/ Instagram

Kenyan music star, Otile Brown has finally responded to critics who believe he is falling behind in his music career and is no longer at the top of his game.

Taking to Instagram, the Alivyonipenda hitmaker has offered the harsh critics a piece of mind by reminding them that if he needs numbers for them to listen to him, then they are not the fan base he works hard for.

He also stated that some of the people out there don't inspire him anymore, he noted that he still has fans out there who listen and appreciate his craft.

He slammed the detractors, stating that some individuals have damaged ears if they believe he is underperforming.

The bongo star revealed that he understands his real fans, so he drops the kind of music he does the way he does it.

"Too many flows.. some of y'all got wrecked ears for real though 😃.. y'all don't inspire me nowadays, the reason why I'm still doing it's coz of my reals once, mziki unapoteza maana.. that's why I drop the way I drop lol.. talking about I understand perform nowadays, utangoja sana..funny," he wrote.

In the next story, Otile Brown questioned those who say he has changed, asking them if he is supposed to remain the same and not transition to the next stage in his career.

He explained that he has proven time and time again his capability and trying new things shouldn't be a problem.

He wondered why people want him to stick to Swahili only and yet he has proven he can do more than just that.

"You're so obsessed with Swahili that you don't want me to do other things, I've proven that I'm capable of doing that stuff, you know that..." he said.

He also mentioned that he is one of the best in the game, that people should let him do and show them other things, and that they should be proud of him since he is all-around.

The award-winning artiste while responding to the critics said that some people tell him that he is switching up too fast.

Kenyan bongo musician Otile Brown. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown) Instagram
Kenyan bongo musician Otile Brown. PHOTO/Otile Brown(@otilebrown) Instagram

He went on to ask how slow they wanted him to go because he had so much to offer, while also emphasizing what he has in store for his supporters.

He added that the problem with people is that they belittle what he drops, and he wonders when he sees what people vibe to.

" I drop music and people downplay it and when I see what y'all vibe to, I just wonder," he jested.

He expressed his concern about the matter and stated that he is approaching the update as an interview and that he will try to go back because people have picked what they prefer.

" You know people like what they like," he noted.

Otile Brown addresses disappearance

In May, Otile Brown addressed concerns from his fans over his disappearance from the Kenyan music scene.

While some wondered why he was not dropping hits, some music fans expressed their concerns in the comments section of Otile Brown's social media posts, stating that his music has been underperforming. A number of music fans appealed to him to return to his old musical style.

The 'Jeraha' hitmaker addressed the worries and assured his followers that everything is under control. He advised his followers not to mistrust his music, and that as long as good music is respected, he will always be at the top of the game.

Otile is known for his great bongo hits like alivyonipenda, Hisia, Jeraha, Aje Anione, Nabayet, Hi, Superwoman, Regina, and his latest Sunina.

Some of these are collaborations with other bigwigs in the music scene.

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