Obinna names 2 female celebs he can never ever sleep with

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On Mon, 17 Jul, 2023 09:07 | 2 mins read
Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna and socialite Amber Ray. PHOTO/Oga Obinna(@ogaobinna)/Instagram
Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna and socialite Amber Ray. PHOTO/Oga Obinna(@ogaobinna)/Instagram

Comedian Thomson Maghana, popularly known as Oga Obinna, revealed he would never sleep with some female celebrities no matter the situation.

Obinna stressed he could never get intimate with some celebs while speaking on his weekly podcast with celebrity couple Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez.

The former Kiss FM presenter was talking about his crush on Amber Ray when DJ Bonez asked him a hypothetical question.

"Mi nilikua nasema bro every man kuna ule mtu unafunga macho kama sa mimi nafunga macho hivi ata ukiwa na mtu fulani ki Pritty Vishy una assume ni Amber Ray," Obinna said.

DJ Bonez interjected telling Obinna to forget Amber Ray for a minute and say who between Akothee and Pritty Vishy he would rather sleep with.

"Kama sahi tuseme Amber Ray hayuko na uko na Akothee and Pritty Vishy?" DJ Bonez asked Obinna.

"Amber Ray," Obinna answered.

DJ Bonez repeated his question to Obinna.

"Amber Ray hayuko, Pritty Vishy na Akothee?" DJ Bonez asked Obinna again.

Obinna said he would rather pleasure himself than sleep with either of the two controversial celebrities.

"Wacha ninyonge," Obinna said.

His response caused Kamene and DJ Bonez to laugh uncontrollably.

Amber Ray

Obinna has an undying crush on Amber Ray and has never been shy to talk about it.

The comedian said in one of his podcasts that Amber Ray, who is currently in a relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, turned down his advances citing that he couldn’t meet her standards.

Obinna claimed that Amber Ray is the only woman who has given him the cold shoulder.

“Amber Ray is the only woman I can attest declined my dating proposal. She said I will not meet her class,” Obinna said in a video.

“I respect Amber Ray and her boyfriend; however, I did not commit myself that much to convince her," he added.

The comedian had previously claimed that he was ready to take care of Amber Ray and her kids if she broke up with Rapudo by any chance.

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