‘It was not sugar mommy, it was Size 8’ – Obinna comes clean about what caused his marriage to crumble  

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On Sat, 27 Aug, 2022 09:20 | 3 mins read
‘It was not sugar mommy, it was Size 8’ – Obinna comes clean about what caused his marriage to crumble  
Obinna with Mama Adalola. (Left) Size 8. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Kiss FM presenter Obinna has revealed that what he did with Size 8 is what caused his marriage to fall apart and not the sugar mommy issue claimed by his estranged wife.

Obinna's estranged wife, only known as Mama Adalola, while speaking during an interview revealed that the comedian moved out of their matrimonial home in March 2022 and went to stay with his sugar mommy.

"Kufike Feb akaniambia nitoke nitafute nyumba ingine. Kufika March, mschana wa kazi alinicall nkiwa job akaniambia Obinna amebeba vitu yake yote kwa nyumba. This year March. Kuangalia tu nkajua ameenda kukaa kwa ule mama. Akaniachia wototo wote," she said.

Mama Adalola insisted that the said sugar mommy wrecked her marriage as she spoiled Obinna with money even allegedly buying him a Toyota Harrier.

Obinna drags Size 8 into the drama

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber 2Mbili, Obinna rubbished claims of dating a sugar mommy. The Kiss FM presenter claimed Mama Adalola is psychotic, insecure and suicidal.

Obinna revealed that he left his matrimonial home because of Size 8 and not the sugar mommy issue as claimed by his estranged wife.

He disclosed that he took a photo while carrying Size 8 and that the picture caused Mama Adalola to completely lose it.

"The story that made me move out of this house it was not even about women it was a picture that I had taken with Size 8. I remember very well I was an intern I think at Q (QFM) and then Size 8 came for an interview and then we did an interview. I took a picture with her carrying her. That night, to cut a long story short I did not sleep," Obinna said.

Obinna painfully narrated how Mama Adalola broke everything in the house at night as she sought to find answers to why he carried Size 8.

"Ok, let me just address her. That night you broke all the plates in the house, you were hitting them on the wall. You broke all the windows, you broke everything. The only thing you did not break was the TV, it was a Sony Bravia - my TV the one I told you don't touch this. The reason this story started was this… I got to the house I was told 'why were you carrying Size 8?' I was like 'I just took a picture, it was just a picture'. That time I was not even level, Size 8 was this big star I was a nobody.

"So I got in the house I sat down I was watching TV she came took the remote switched off the TV. I was like 'yo why you doing this?' 'I want us to talk'. 'Talk about what?' 'This and this'. 'No there is nothing that's happening I just took a picture'. Then I remember bickering, quarrelling… I left and went to the bedroom, I got in bed I pulled the blanket. She came and pulled the blanket. I left went to the guestroom, my brother was in the same same house, she came to the guestroom 'am talking to you, you gonna talk to me'," Obinna narrated.

Obinna says Mama Adalola attempted suicide

The Kiss FM presenter further claimed that his estranged wife tried to kill herself while they were quarrelling.

He said that Mama Adalola swallowed beads and Amoxil tablets in a bid to commit suicide. The comedian said it was at that moment that he made a decision to leave his estranged wife.

"That night it was too chaotic. Everything was broken in the house the glasses everywhere you could not even walk. That time I used to wear a lot of shambala, shambala was trending. She was taking shambala like this and throwing them in her mouth. She took Amoxil and she swallowed them trying to commit suicide. That was the time when it hit me 'yo you need out of this' and that's the time I decided I will leave," he said.

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