Nyota Ndogo back with estranged mzungu hubby after brief breakup

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On Wed, 29 Sep, 2021 18:34 | < 1 min read
Nyota Ndogo back with estranged mzungu hubby after brief breakup. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Taarab-influenced songstress Nyota Ndogo is not yet divorced from her estranged Mzungu husband but what did it take to get in his good graces?

Taking to social media, Nyota in an Instagram post uploaded a snap of them looking hugged up and happy at SGR Voi station with a caption to say he missed her and came back to her.

"Ngasema ngamiss ngablack ngake. Ngajileta mwenyewe. Love is something else usicheze na love,(He missed his black queen and he is back. This love is something else)," she wrote.

The 'Watu na Viatu' hit singer has been trying to win him back for quite some time and she is seemingly ready to reconcile with him.

Prior to this, desperate Nyota took to social media begging him to go back saying she fears that she might die single.

Further, Nyota wrote that she is craving for his love, not his money noting that money is not everything, having someone to love is what’s important.

 Plzz come back to me. mimi hata sio pesa nalilia love. Nilikua na act don’t care couse nakula nalala vizuri najilipia bills zangu mwenyewe but one thing nakosa from you ni love. Kumbe pesa sio kila kitu muimu kupata mtu unaempenda na wewe kwako nimefika mwisho yani kama hurudi ntajifia single, “ Nyota wrote.

Nyota says the breakup was caused by a prank gone wrong saying that on April 1, fools day she pranked her hubby that she was pregnant.

He then blocked her and cut all communication with her.

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