Nyako appeals for financial help after Paypal freezes her account

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On Mon, 4 Dec, 2023 19:05 | 2 mins read
German-based TikToker Nyako. PHOTO/Nyako(@iam_nyako)/Instagram
German-based TikToker Nyako. PHOTO/Nyako(@iam_nyako)/Instagram

Kenyan TikToker Rose Atieno alias Nyako has revealed that she is in deep financial distress and appealed to her fans to come through and help her.

Through a TikTok live session, the German-based TikToker revealed that her funds have been frozen by PayPal following a complaint by a woman who identifies as 'Absolute' to PayPal.

Nyako revealed the unexpected setback this has caused on her noting that she is flat broke with no way to fend for her children and pay rent.

"Anybody willing to support me, I will place my PayPal account here. I usually help out people when they need my help. It is only me that I will ensure myself. I am good. So my followers, anyone who loves me, I will come back in the evening, and you can support me however you can so that I can pay back Absolute PayPal so that I can be a free person here on TikTok. So that I pay my rent and start looking for contracts so that I can take care of myself. Those who will support will support," she said.

She expressed frustration over discovering a negative balance in her PayPal account when attempting to transfer funds for her rent.

"I just checked my PayPal an hour ago and I had some money from TikTok on my Paypal, and I wanted to transfer that money to my bank account so I can pay my rent tomorrow. When I got to PayPal, it was minus, and I was added some money I had to pay PayPal.

"So my TikTok money is gone, and they have given me a minus. So I called the bank, and they told me they needed to check. The bank person said there was a conflict because someone who called them laid a complaint against me, so they wanted that money from me. So I was like, who has raised a complaint against me, and they said 'Absolute.' So this woman has called... I don't know what I have done. I owe PayPal 1,500 Euros (Ksh249,672). She has also written to the German government," Nyako narrated.

Nyako fundraises for Mbugua, Brian Chira

Nyako is known for her engaging content and her charitable initiatives where she has held multiple fundraising sessions on her TikTok account for the likes of TikToker Brian Chira and TV presenter Kimani Mbugua.

The unapologetic TikToker recently raised over Ksh500,000 for Kimani Mbugua after he came out publicly to reveal that he was homeless, broke and in debt.

Nyako, who has been nicknamed by her followers as 'The Chosen One', was able to raise the man for the embattled journalist in one and a half hours.

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