TikToker Nyako apologises to Lulu Hassan after outburst over her ‘Shosh’ comment

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On Sun, 28 May, 2023 12:55 | 2 mins read
Collage of TikToker Pilot Nyako and Journalist Lulu Hassan. PHOTOS/(@PilotNyako)TitkTok< (@LuluHassan)

TikToker Pilot Nyako has apologised to news anchor Lulu Hassan for bashing her over a comment she made during a live video.

In the video, Lulu who was live with Sultana actress Mwanasha Johari curiously wondered who Nyako was after a fan kept mentioning her name in the comment section to which a fan responded "Don't even mention her here,"

Out of curiosity, the Citizen TV journalist asked "Ni mshosho?" before diverting to a different conversation.

The video seemingly irked Nyako forcing her to bash the journalist online. She expressed disappointment and acknowledged that she felt disrespected by Lulu's sentiments. She demanded that the TV girl shows her some respect and focuses on her own business.

"I don't care about your position, respect people. Eti don't address her like I'm a piece of trash. I'm not even worth her time.

"Shosho. Mimi ni shosho na sijakataa. Sasa mnatakaje? I'm old, yes. So am I your mother? I'm not your mother so mind your business," Nyako said.

Nyako's apology

Nyako has now extended an olive branch to the TV journalist and urged her fans to forgive her for acting irrationally. She equally acknowledged that she had shortcomings and was bound to rub shoulders with many.

However, she stated that she was always going to acknowledge and apologise whenever on the wrong.

"To my followers, poleni sana for my reckless behaviour, to my subscribers I'm sorry for my reckless response. To the queen of Citizen TV, Lulu Hassan, I reacted in the heat of the moment and I am asking the people that I have hurt out there with my behaviour to find a place in their hearts to forgive me," she stated.

"I will apologise one million times on TikTok, so long as I am alive, I am bound to rub shoulders with a lot of people, I am not perfect. As much as I felt offended by that video. I'm going to be the bigger person here and apologise to my fans," she added.

While urging Lulu to bury the hatchet, the content creator stated that she hoped she would not have similar drama episodes in the near future. She also advised Lulu to be aware of her surroundings and avoid people who were bound to 'mislead' her and jeopardize her career.

"I pray for wisdom, I think that is what I lack, I lack wisdom. Lulu Hassan find it in your heart to forgive me lakini angalia wale watu unafanya nao kazi. Look your surrounding those people can mislead you. As professional as you are, the team around you can make or break you," she added.

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