Socialites Noti Flow, Risper Faith throw shade at Vera Sidika after weight loss surgery

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On Thu, 6 Oct, 2022 09:16 | 2 mins read
Socialite Vera Sidika PHOTO/@queenveebosset/Instagram

Rapper Noti Flow and former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith have reacted to socialite Vera Sidika’s weight loss surgery.

On Wednesday, October 5, Vera unveiled her new body after a decision to reverse an enhancement surgery she underwent many years ago.

Noti Flow and Risper Faith react

Moments after the socialite mother of one shared photos of her new body, the rapper took pride for being petite.

Noti Flow laughed at Vera for going out of her way and even consider surgery to achieve a body like hers.

“They all tryna be like us now. Petite is the sh*t y’all na haturingi,” the rapper wrote on Instagram.

Socialite Risper Faith also reacted to Vera’s new look, claiming that she is the only one flaunting her real body.

“Apparently I’m the only one with a real a**. Shangwe kwa waluhya,” she wrote.

Vera Sidika new body

In an update on her Instagram, Vera said she was advised to undergo a weigh loss surgery after being exposed to health risks and complications.

She also cautioned women from from undergoing the expensive procedure, further thanking God for keeping her alive.

“This has been the hardest phase of my life. Due to health risks and complications, I had to undergo surgery. Its still very unbelievable but I've come to love myself regardless. I'm lucky to be alive, God loves me so much

“Honestly, it's been pretty hard. I didn't even celebrate my birthday this year but here we are. Happy Birthday to me. I've come to appreciate life and never take things for granted. Thanks to my family, especially my husband for being there for me,” Vera said.

She promised to share her surgery journey with her fans in the coming days.

Vera Sidika
Vera Sidika unveils new body PHOTO/@queenveebosset/Instagram

Clout chasing?

In an interview about two years ago, the socialite had claimed that her butt was original, arguing that she was thick since her days in high school.

Vera made the remarks while defended herself on claims that she increased the size of her butt.

“I grew up with that but I had a problem showing it off because I used to feel fat. When I came to Nairobi I just decided to live my life and started wearing short dress, showing my curves and now people would appreciate it

“That’s when I started embracing it. I started liking the attention. I have never added my butt,”Vera told Standard.

However, the mother of one claimed that her boobs are fake.

"I wasn't proportional. I used to be thick but not proportional, so I just decided to be proportional and added my boobs. On the upside I don't have to wear bras anymore. It cost me Ksh2 million at Beverly Hills. They are actually good," she said.

Vera Sidika before surgery PHOTO/@queenveebosset/Instagram