Noti Flow: I will never date a man again

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 21 Mar, 2022 12:40 | < 1 min read
Singer Noti Flow. PHOTO/COURTESY

For those who have always wondered what would happen if Noti Flow breaks up with her girlfriend, her answer is she will look for another woman.

In a Youtube interview, she revealed that she is a certified lesbian, and she doesn't see herself dating a man ever again.

"Now I am a full-blown lesbian. I don't think I'll ever go back," she said.

Noti says that her girlfriend, King Alami, is loyal, which is why they are together. She further added that the relationship is more straightforward because she understands her better as a lady.

"I mean, come on. She is so loyal. When a woman loves, they love for real. I have dated men, and it didn't end up well. They have always cheated," she stated.

When asked about how her parents feel about Noti, King Alami says they love her more than any lady she has ever brought home.

"Maybe, in 10, 11 years we'll get married. My mom and my dad have met her. They all like her. I even show them the tattoos. My mom likes Noti. I came out to my dad when I was 14; he said as long as you are not getting pregnant, I accept. My mom found out when I was 18.'

This comes after Noti Flow surprised her girlfriend with a brand new Volkswagen on her birthday. Noti Flow had earlier accused her girlfriend of physically abusing her, but that is all in the past now.

She also revealed that she never got a penny from her hit-song Foto Moto due to copyright issues that she was unaware of only after the song started doing well on Youtube.

Noti urged her fans to be on the look-out as she might soon release new music.