Nonini shares struggles of carrying his motorbike to 3rd floor in Eastleigh

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On Sun, 2 Jul, 2023 17:45 | 2 mins read
Kenyan Genge artiste Nonini. PHOTO/Nonini(@noninimgengetrue)Instagram
Kenyan Genge artiste Nonini. PHOTO/Nonini(@noninimgengetrue)Instagram

Renowned Kenyan musician Nonini has recently opened up about the challenges he faced when he used to store his beloved Harley motorbike in his third-floor apartment in Calif, Eastleigh.

Nonini, widely known for his hit song 'We Kamu', disclosed that he purchased the Harley motorbike from a friend named Jamal.

"Nilikua na Harley fulani, nduthi ya silver niliuziwa na jamaa wangu fulani alikua anaitwa Jamal," he said.

Loosely translated as ("I had a certain Harley, a silver motorcycle that was sold to me by my friend named Jamal.)

Living on the third floor, he encountered the problem of finding a suitable parking spot for his priced possession. Being unable to leave it on the ground floor, he devised a creative solution - carrying it up the stairs to his apartment.

"Naishi Carlif(carlifonia) na kijana ako na nduthi. Problem ni huwezi park apo chini, so lazime nipandishe stairs, apo naishi third floor," he went on.

Loosely translated as (I live in Calif, and I had a motorcycle. The problem was, I couldnt park it downstairs, so I had to carry it up the stairs since I lived on the third floor)

To accomplish this challenging task, Nonini would enlist the help of his friends. He would call up to seven buddies to assist him in hoisting the heavy motorcycle up the stairs. He says it was no easy feat, but their collective efforts ensured his Harley found a secure spot on the third floor.

"Nilikua naita moboys wangu wa nisaidie kupandisha stairs. Na iyo kitu ilikua mzito, so tulikua majama kama saba," he explained.

Loosely translated as ( I used to call my friends to help me carry it up the stairs. And that thing was heavy, so there were about seven of us guys)

Reflecting on those times, Nonini nostalgically described the silver Harley as his first car, highlighting its sentimental value.

"Iyo Harley ilikua my first car," he said.

He revealed that he later made a decision to sell it.

"But nilikuja nikaindonyo," he revealed.

His revelation comes in the wake of an online debate sparked by a viral photo showing a Boxer BM 150 motorbike parked on the sixth-floor balcony of an apartment in Nairobi's Pipeline area. The photo left many Kenyans puzzled, wondering how the bike was lifted to such a height.

A motorbike parked on the 6th floor of a building. PHOTO/Twitter
A motorbike parked on the 6th floor of a building. PHOTO/Twitter

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