‘Niko na pesa na sina bibi’- Ringtone cries foul

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 27 Feb, 2022 15:27 | < 1 min read
Musician Ringtone Apoko. PHOTO/Instagram
Musician Ringtone Apoko. PHOTO/Instagram

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has called upon his fans to help him find a wife.

The controversial artiste says while he has financial capability, he doesn't have a wife to share his wealth with.

Taking to Instagram, he shared his photo captioned as; "Niko na pesa lakini sina bibi (I have money but I don't have a wife)," Ringtone said.

This is however not a surprise considering the ridiculous qualities he hopes to find in his woman.

Speaking in a past interview, Ringtone outlined those qualities which included hard work and prayer.

"I want someone who can pray for seven hours every day. I don't want a slay queen, I want someone who can work, mtu anajituma. I want someone who can give birth to seven kids. Seven means the number of completion," he said.

This comes barely a week after upcoming singer Justina 'dumped' him over what she termed as being 'weak'

Speaking in a past interview, she expressed disappointment over his altercation with DJ Mo during Size 8′ Sunday’s event where he was forced to leave the pulpit and went straight to address the press outside the hotel before being stopped and frogmarched away from the launch venue by DJ Mo.

According to Justina, Ringtone should have defended himself instead of submitting.

“I completely gave up on Ringtone on that day. Why would I be crushing on a man who can’t defend himself? I expected Ringtone to defend himself from DJ Mo but he couldn’t. He was chased away and he later knelt down to ask for forgiveness. How can I fall in love with someone who kneels down for fellow men,” she argues.