Niccah’s ex-boyfriend reacts to their break-up, says he is yet to recover

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 11 Apr, 2022 16:47 | < 1 min read
Niccah the Queen and DJ Slahver have announced their break-up. PHOTO/Nicah(@nicahthequeen)/Instagram.

"People can fall in love and they can also fall out."

These were Queen Niccah’s words after she announced her breakup with Slahver the DJ.

Days after making the announcement, the DJ has also come out to speak about their separation.

Taking to his social media page, the ex-boyfriend thanked everyone who reached out to him following his break-up with Niccah.

He, however, noted that he couldn't indulge further into the matter at the moment because he and Niccah are still recovering from the separation.

‘Thanks, fam for reaching out after the news that just broke out. I don’t think I can say anything at the moment until both of us recover from whatever just happened. It’s wise not to say anything while not in my right senses,’ Slahver said.

Just like Slahver, Niccah too never indulged much in what might have caused their separation but she indicated that they might have broken up since they fell out of love with one another.

During her announcement, Niccah also wished the disc master all the best in his next life after their separation.

"Slahver and I have decided to call it quits and go our separate ways! People can fall in love and they can also fall out. All in all, we move on regardless! I wish him nothing but the best!" Niccah said.

Her break-up with Slahver has come out as a shocker to many since it is only a few weeks ago that the two were parading their love on social media and they seemed happy.

Sometimes in the recent past, Niccah shared a video washing Slahver's feet and shaving his hair.