Nicah the Queen gets angry after her boyfriend DJ Slahver wiped off her saliva from his cup

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 23 Mar, 2022 10:55 | < 1 min read
Nicah the Queen and her boyfriend DJ Slahver. PHOTO/Instagram

After taking a short social media break after being trolled, Queen Niccah is back with more videos of her partner DJ Slahver. She recently shared a video questioning why he wiped off saliva from the cup that she used.

In the video, Niccah is seen tasting whatever Slahver was taking and when she put the cup down, he wiped the area she had used. Niccah is then heard asking Slahver why he wiped off her saliva and went ahead to use the cup even more.

You wiped?….do it again….You wiped my saliva off your cup?’ Niccah said.

The video has caused mixed reactions with some saying that the DJ ‘amekaliwa chapati’. Radio presenter Oga Obinna made fun and told the DJ to take the opportunity and use the comment section to ask for help.

Niccah recently accused Amberay of being a husband snatcher and many thought that Niccah and the DJ have called it quits when she wrote:

This is a small notice from Nicah to my fellow followers/women. Kindly let’s put our husbands in prayers like never before. Sasa imagine ukose kumuombea halafu atoke hapa nje apatane na Amberay akuaibishe in public hata ukimsamehea kila mtu anajua.”

It seems like the two are still together despite what many fans had assumed.