Nicah addresses claims she is a toxic woman after two consecutive breakups

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On Wed, 29 Nov, 2023 15:51 | 2 mins read
Nicah with DJ Slahver and Dr Ofweneke. PHOTOS/Instagram ( @nicahthequeen), Facebook

Veronica Wanja alias Nicah The Queen downplayed claims she is a toxic woman following her breakup with DJ Slahver.

Nicah publicly announced she had parted ways with DJ Slahver in a post on social media on November 28, 2023.

"After so much consideration, @slahverdon and I have decided to go our separate ways. Thank you so much for the love you all accorded us!" she shared.

Following her announcement, some critics castigated her love life as others poked holes in an earlier statement that she is only 28 years old and will celebrate her 29th birthday on December 24, 2023.

In a post on Instagram on November 28, Nicah responded to both age shamers and those trolling her over failed relationships.

"How I'm enjoying the sun while reading your comments in regards to my age. A fact will always remain a fact! My 29th birthday coming up yeeeeey!!! I'm a Christmas Eve baby #Jesusgurl," Nicah wrote.

A netizen commenting on Nicah's post told her that she is a toxic woman who can't stay with a man following her breakup with ex-husband Sande Bush aka Dr Ofweneke and her ex-fiancé DJ Slahver.

"Na @drofweneke alisema we ni TOXIC tukasema ni uongo…kumbe ni ukweli huwezi kaa na bwana," jane_takinyit told Nicah.

In a quick rejoinder, Nicah clarified that she was not married but engaged.

"I was not married but engaged there's a difference," she answered.


Nicah was married to Dr. Ofweneke and they have two children together.

Ofweneke and Nicah had a dramatic breakup in March 2017. When their marriage hit rock bottom, Nicah accused Ofweneke of physical abuse while Ofweneke claimed Nicah was unfaithful.

Ofweneke married Christine Tenderess in 2019 while Nicah moved on with DJ Slahver.

In April 2023 while planning for their wedding, DJ Slahver told vloggers that Ofweneke used to be his friend.

Before me and Nicah started dating, Ofweneke alikua rafiki yangu,” DJ Slahver said.

On her part, Nicah said Ofweneke should be the MC during their wedding so that the money he is paid just rotates in the family and helps their kids.

Mimi sioni shida na hio. Huyu msee ni mnoma kwa job yake uona? And the fact that I didn’t work out haimaanishi ati sitapea huyo msee job. Watoi wangu wanahitaji school fees, mbona nichukue hio pesa ya MC nipee msee mwingine na inaweza rotate kwa family?” Nicah said.

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