9 new generation Mugithi artistes to watch in 2023

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On Sun, 22 Jan, 2023 06:00 | 5 mins read
New generation Mugithi artistes to watch
A photo collage of new generation Mugithi artistes including; Samidoh, Waithaka wa Jane, Kareh B, Miracle Baby, Carol Katrue and DJ Fatxo. PHOTO/Courtesy(Facebook)

Mugithi genre of music is now gaining mainstream traction and looks lucrative even to the new generation and a new year means more music to look forward to.

The timeless genre has seen a roster of rising artistes who continue to utilize the opportunity to make a huge splash in the music world, and there are plenty of them out there making noise right now.

These artistes join an industry shaped by a handful of the older generations such as the late John Kamaru, late Queen Jane, late John De’Mathew, Lady Wanja, Wangari Wa Kabera, Wahome wa Maingi and late Salim Junior among many others in an attempt to become deserving of a mention as household names.

The future looks even brighter for those poised to find massive breakout success in 2023.

These artistes, through their brilliant works, could not only just draw more fans' interest but also increase the overall worth of the Mugithi showbiz market.


Samidoh whose real name is Samuel Muchoki has maintained a consistent grip on his art that he’s not losing any time soon.

As we progress further into the new year, fans can rest assured that he got more to offer and will keep on capitalizing on his viral fame and the ever-growing fanbase that he continues to enjoy.

Of every Mugithi artiste on this list, we probably know the least about what else Samidoh has in store for 2023 as his music comes with an equal measure of spice and drama but we can look forward to him levelling up again.

Mugithi singer Samidoh. 
Singer Samidoh. PHOTO/Facebook

Waithaka wa Jane

Arguably the newest favourite kid on the block, Waithaka wa Jane famed for among others his 'Kiraiku' cover undoubtedly made his mark with multiple viral moments in 2022 and is surely not running low on flair anytime soon. 

The one-man guitar artiste has a vivid musical imagination and a notable sampling. He has maximised his ability to dominate the mic and deliver with style, flow and ease.

Newest favourite kid on the block, Waithaka wa Jane.
Newest favourite kid on the block, Waithaka wa Jane. PHOTO/Facebook

Joyce wa Mama

Joyce wa Mama who hails from Kongo-ini village in Murang'a county built her name through backup roles in Kabera's band and in John Njagi's artistic works has made several milestones in her Mugithi career.

While the road to becoming a top-tier artiste is more complicated than ever, she is poised to make that jump as a female Mugithi singer.

She is famed for hits like “Wanjogothaga Niki”, “Tiga Kunjira Sorry”, “Wari Wakwa”, “Zurura Dada”, “Thina Ni Umagwo” and “Mundurume Njamba” among others and her collabo with Samidoh known as “Ihuha” (boil).

Kikuyu benga queen Joyce wa Mamaa. 
Kikuyu benga queen Joyce wa Mamaa. PHOTO/Facebook

Jose Gatutura

There’s something about Gatutura alias 'Mashette the King'  that is at once aspirational and relatable.

In his own words, he writes music with the sole purpose of advising people about life with a mix of tense relationships. 

The artiste whose real name is Joseph Kanyi continues to ride the wave of a major milestone and his ability to stay relevant without sharing too much private content has been and will continue to be a strong suit in his success.  

Jose Gatutura alias 'Mashette the King'.
Jose Gatutura alias 'Mashette the King'. PHOTO/Facebook

Tonny Young

The singer who recently graduated holds a handful of viral singles including 'Nongeganithia' and 'Mweri Umwe' among others.

Having released a few projects last year, it will be interesting to see if he continues frequent releases or plans to dial back the schedule. Whichever way he does it, one thing is for sure, Tony Young will be turnt all year long.

Young Mugithi fans are likely all bound to be his fans at one point or another—just give them time to keep up. 

Singer Tonny Young.

Davy Kamoko & DJ Faxto

Davy Kamoko,31, and Lawrence Njuguna alias DJ Fatxo,26, have become a phenomenon for their unique venture into mwomboko music, a territory that had been long forgotten and associated with the old generation.

With the accordion being the genre's main instrument, it is viewed as music for old geezers, as it is one of the oldest music forms in the Kikuyu community.

The duo, through mwomboko, has been attracting endless invitations to entertain guests in many entertainment joints, and public and corporate events, and we look forward to many projects this year.

Mwomboko singers Davy Kamoko and Lawrence Ngugi alias DJ Fatxo. PHOTO/Facebook

The Salims'

Laban Kinuthia alias Salim Young and his sister Betty Salim alias Sarafina Salim who are siblings to the late mugithi maestro Salim Junior are definitely poised to find massive breakout success in future.

The future looks even brighter for them and especially Salim Young who joined the scene recently.

In an interview on her Youtube channel, Sarafina said travelling to the US opened her eyes and its just the beginning of her career despite being in the game for 10 years.

Salim Young and his sister Sarafina Salim. PHOTO/Facebook

Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby

Oozing confidence, the young couple capped off their relationship and is slowly making a name in the Mugithi scenes.

Miracle Baby who is transitioning from Gengetone has several collaborations with his wife and the duo's crop of talent is primed to make some more big moves which listeners should keep an eye on.

Miracle Baby with his wife Carol Katrue. PHOTO/Facebook

Wangari Gioshe (Kareh B)

Kareh B, a former actress with the local TV drama series Tahidi High has wowed the young and old alike due to her prowess in performing renditions of country music, mugithi and other oldies.

She has since formed a formidable duo with Jose Gatutura, who spotted her during a performance at a joint in Westlands, Nairobi with Sir Elvis.

Wangari Gioshe alias Kareh B. PHOTO/Facebook

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