Gengetone artiste Nellythegoon says he’s struggling after Ochungulo group split

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On Mon, 26 Sep, 2022 14:38 | 3 mins read
Gengetone musician Nelly The Goon PHOTO/@nellythegoon/Instagram

Gengetone musician Nelly The Goon has given an update to his fans after months away from participating in active music.

The musician disappeared from the limelight after splitting from popular group, Ochungulo Family.


In an update on his Instagram page, the musician disclosed that he is struggling, however, hoping for a better future.

In the message to his fans, Nelly says as such, he has had a hard time keeping up with creating musical content.

“Wagwan fans of Nellythegoon worldwide. I know things are moving slowly from my side. I’ve been struggling a lot. I’m currently in some place in Kajiado right now and I feel like its getting hard for me to keep up with my music lately,” he wrote.

Nelly added that his situation has affected his mental and financial state, further asking his fans not to give up on him.

“I’m mentally, spiritually and financially tired right now but I just want you all to keep believing in me as much as you believe in yourselves. Never give up on me,” he added.

Musician Nellythegoon PHOTO/@nellythegoon/Instagram

Ochungulo family split

The music group which was made up of Nelly the Goon, Benzema aka Alejandro and Dmore announced their split earlier this year.

On February 10 they deleted all their song from their YouTube channel but it was unclear if they had separated.

However, to the disappointed of their fans on Thursday, February 11, the three musicians issued a statement confirming the split.

Through their official instagram account, they disclosed that each one of them had different goals and targets to chase.

They took the chance to thank the fans and everyone who supported them.

“To all our fans, we wanna say thank you for the support you have given us the past for few years. You have been good to us, God has been good to us and the music has been good to us. We have reached a point we have different goals and targets

“So the decision of us splitting is a mutual feeling and we saw that as the best way forward. Again, Thank you so much for the support!!! We shall meet again. God bless you all,” the post read.

Nellythegoon PHOTO/@nellythegoon/Instagram

Ringtone ‘quits’ music

Elsewhere, gospel artiste Alex Apoko alias Ringtone now said he quit gospel music because of women.

Speaking to a local publication, Ringtone intimated that his decision to quit the industry was highly influenced by women who 'threw themselves at him' instead of focusing on his efforts to spread the word of God.

"I quit gospel music because instead of women following the Christ that I preach they end up loving me. That's why I am taking a short break so that these women would focus on Jesus and leave me alone," he stated.

Ringtone alluded that his decision was well-received by his colleagues in the gospel industry since they always saw him as a threat.

"Most of them are very happy because they always viewed me as a threat. You know most of them thought I was the reason they weren't succeeding," he stated.