Nameless has priceless response to critics telling him to take DNA test

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On Wed, 1 Feb, 2023 12:44 | 2 mins read
Nameless has priceless response to critics telling him to take DNA test
Nameless with his lastborn daughter Shiro. PHOTO/Nameless (@namelesskenya)/Instagram.

Nameless was met with suggestions that he should carry out a DNA test on his youngest daughter after posting her photo online.

Some critics claimed that baby Shiro doesn’t resemble Nameless thus the need for a paternity test.

The whole drama started after Nameless shared a photo of him chilling with Shiro on the couch.

Tunaitanga hii “the princess throne” sittingStyle, used to keep the baby and dad safe, secure and comfortable ! 😎😎😜 Keep it here for other innovative secure baby carrying and sitting positions.😂😂🤛🏾😎,” Nameless captioned a photo he posted on Facebook in which he was carrying Shiro.

A troll commenting on Nameless' post urged the singer to take a DNA test to ascertain the baby's paternity.

Mtoto mweupe wewe na bibi weusi titititi! Mtoto alitoa wapi weupe??? DNA is needed urgently. Shida y’a kupata mtoto uzeeni, you aren’t interested with the baby. The way you are holding the baby, you don’t care. Sura yako na ya huyo mtoto hazi ambatani. Maskia ya mtoto na yako haifanani, mapua na mdomo ya mtoto haikufanani. How will you convince us mtoto ni wako?? No wonder you are not interested ku mu hold with care. Acha kulea mtoto wa another man. Truth hurts! Mkimaliza matusi muende kazini. Wale wataleta feelings hapa most ni ladies, coz wana force men kulea watoto sio wao. Wale men mtaleta feelings hapa mnalea watoto sio wenu! DNA ni cheap now go and do the test,” the troll wrote.

Nameless’ response to the troll was priceless. He urged the critic to go for therapy, noting that they needed a little love and direction.

Look at this one now. This must be a pseudo account. What are you even saying. Go for therapy. You just need a little love and direction and you will be fine. I would have helped you but you need professional help. Show your doctor this comment and he will give you the right medicine for your disease,” Nameless responded to the troll.

Another fan wondered how Nameless copes with the endless trolls. 

"Wah! Si maceleb hupitia mob, hiyo matusi yote," Joy-c Ndinda asked Nameless.

To which he responded;

"Joy-c Ndinda Imagine it's not that bad once you realize the people who bully are actually not well mentally.. I get to much love for many of you for me to be affected by guys who try to bring negativity to me, and they are very few actually less than 5 percent.. I just reply once in a while to show people that you must learn to live with such people and not get affected. I actually show them love 😂😊.. many come back and apologize..😊😊🙏🏿…"

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