‘My schoolmates called me Wezere’ – Vera Sidika reveals what made her booty ‘bigger’

By , K24 Digital
On Fri, 14 Oct, 2022 13:44 | 2 mins read

Days after pulling off a prank on her followers, Vera Sidika has come out to reveal what made her booty grow.

She says, using contraceptives led to the growth after a fan asked her if it was true that her booty was all-natural.

"Yes, I have always had a big booty and was always shy about it until I came to Nairobi and everyone made me feel like it was so precious. Thing is, I added a lot of weight coz of contraceptives so the Nyas added weight too. My high school mates will tell you my nickname wa Wezere," she responded to the fan.

A few days ago, she called out all the people who had blasted her for her publicity stunts after she played an extraordinarily "expensive" practical joke on online users that generated a lot of media attention. She misled her followers by saying that she had an implant removed from her butt for health reasons.

It later turned out that she was simply chasing clout and promoting her new track, a concept which she has also explained its origin.

In a recent Q&A session a fan asked; "How did you think of faking your nyash coz damn, you are smart?

Vera replied;

"Lol, well, most people think I have a PR team. Nope. I have managed my brand myself for 10 years now. Since I became famous in 2012. I realized I have a lot of genius ideas to take my brand to the level I want it to be. I strategize everything alone."

"Y'all didn't find it sensitive when people were mocking and laughing at me for having surgery complications, you even joined them and enjoyed it," she added.

"But you find it insensitive that it was for attention. So, it's okay for you to laugh at my complications, not vice versa. Y'all can kiss my bleached behind," she ranted.

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