“My booty is natural. Breasts, teeth and skin are fake” – Vera Sidika sets the record clear

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On Tue, 3 Aug, 2021 15:50 | 2 mins read

Socialite Veronicah Mungasia, better known as Vera Sidika has dismissed claims that she underwent a butt enlargement surgery, clarifying that she only altered her breasts size, teeth and skin complexion. She said this while disclosing that she is legally married to musician Frederick Mtinda, alias Brown Mauzo.

In a Q & A session on Instagram, she explained that she'd prefer a smaller booty after delivery.

"My booty is natural. But my boobs, teeth and skin complexion are fake. In fact, hopefully after delivery, I'd want a smaller booty. Honestly, it's too big. I don't like it," Vera said.

The socialite also stated that she will be in a position to breastfeed perfectly despite getting a breast implant, saying the implant was placed in an empty pocket space where it does not interface with the breast tissues.

"Doesn't affect nothing. During breast augmentation, it's normally placed in an empty pockets space and it doesn't evet affect or come in contact with breast tissues," she clarified.

She asserted that they are married but are yet to hold a wedding ceremony to celebrate their union.

"Wedding ceremony. If you're talking about that which involves me in a white wedding gown and bae in a tuxedo, we haven't done that yet. Legally married? Yes, we are. When ready we'll do a wedding ceremony with decor, food, cake all of that. No rush," she said.

On her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and musician Otile Brown, Vera said they are not friends.

"Are you and Otile Brown friends?," asked a fan, to which she answered; "We are not friends."

Otile Brown had previously accused Vera of terminating their pregnancy.

In a song dubbed, Niache, the singer said the socialite's move to terminate the pregnancy was the cause of their messy break-up that saw Otile Brown exposed as weak in bed in a series of explicit WhatsApp conversations.

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